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First Chevy High Performance Nationals - Showtime!

The Inaugural Chevy High Performance Nationals

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If you missed the very first Chevy High Performance Nationals last June 1-3, then you shunted a great gathering of some of the baddest Chevys in the country competing for car show, autocross, and drag racing glory. For those who couldn’t attend, read on, as we showcase a whole bunch of Chevy action from the event in the next several pages that will make you obsess about showing off your Bow Tie at the event next year.

chp 01 Chevy High Performance Nationals Corvette Burnout 2/36

A collaboration of efforts between the National Muscle Car Association and Chevy High Performance resulted in an all-Chevy event that will be one for the record books. The first event brought on a massive car show, wild drag racing, and a Jet-Hot Coatings–sponsored autocross, which had attendees entertained all day. Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia, hosted the meet, and the fans just about packed the place.

1211chp 20 Chevy High Performance Nationals Detroit Speed Camaro 3/36

We got to take a ride in Detroit Speed’s Camaro while it was thrashing around the cones at this event, and man, what a rush. Look for detailed coverage of how well this car did with Camaro Performers’ Editor Nick Licata behind the wheel.

As the second stop on the Chevrolet Performance LSX Challenge Series, the CHP Nationals hosted several cool drag racing classes, including a wild drag radial class that saw cars running mid 7s in the quarter, a naturally aspirated class for LS-powered cars, and a class called Real Street that featured a slew of low 8-second late-models. For the index racer there were a few options as well, like the Fifth-Gen Camaro Challenge class and the LSX Rumble category, which is a class intended for entries at nearly any performance level. For the street cars, the Tremec True Street class was also a category featured at this event. If you have a muscle car you drive and you want to test its mettle on the dragstrip, True Street is a great way to do it. Basically you have to successfully complete a 30-mile cruise on public roads and highways, and then make three back-to-back passes on the quarter-mile without opening the hood, messing with computer tunes, or refilling intercooler ice. It really is a challenging and fun class to compete in, and you would be surprised by the performance levels of some of these street cars; some were able to complete the cruise and then run a string of low 9s with stock suspension and drag radials!

This was the first time Chevy High Performance has hosted an event of such magnitude. Many folks in attendance agreed that it was a success, so the good news is you can look for another Chevy High Performance Nationals around the same time next year; keep reading CHP for the exact date, as we’ll keep you posted.

Stay True

The Tremec-sponsored True Street has been our favorite class for years because it’s the ultimate way to prove your quarter-mile monster is actually streetable. Even if you have a slow car, True Street has a category you can compete in. Designed to cater to nearly every performance level of car, True Street is a class we were glad to host at the CHP Nationals. The idea is to make a 30-mile cruise around town, through stop signs and over railroad tracks, then each competitor has to make three back-to-back passes without popping the hood or working on the car whatsoever. If you break on the line, you’re out; if you adjust the carb, you’re out; if you can’t make the cruise, you’re out. The person with the quickest average gets to be the “king” (there’s even a cape and crown the winner “gets” to wear). Awards are given to the racer who gets their car’s average closest to the 9-, 10-, 11-, 12-, 13-, 14-, and 15-second zones. For example, if you have a car that runs 11.90s, a strategy would be to slow the car down a bit so you can get your average closest to the 12.00 mark. The awards are some cash and prizes, but what people really enjoy is being able to really prove they have a reliable and fast street car. Jared Shepard out of Austin, Texas, had the quickest True Street car on the property, running an average of 9.806 in his ’02 Camaro SS.

chp 02 Chevy High Performance Nationals Tremec True Street 4/36

Mayhem, Indeed

We would like to extend a huge thanks to the guys at Mayhem Motorsports out of Raleigh, North Carolina, for bringing one badass (and the only) X275 car to do battle at the CHP event. Even though the Internet was ablaze with people claiming they were coming to compete in this eighth-mile category, when the chips fell, driver Jeff Rhodes and the Mayhem boys were the only ones to show up. Maybe they were scared of Rhodes’ 5.18 at 149 performances? The Vette is powered by an LSX-based 427 with Trick Flow 235cc heads and a single 88mm Precision turbocharger.

Sponsor Name Hometown Car E.T. MPH
Nitto Tire Pro Mod Jimmy Sandefur Zebulon, GA ’98 Monte Carlo 4.165 178.47
Lynne Milner Baxle Pine Mountain Valley, GA ’57 Chevy 4.170 174.62
JE Pistons LSX Drag Radial Mike Brown Huber Heights, OH ’98 Trans Am 7.434 192.47
Mark Koehler Liberty Township, OH ’00 Trans Am 8.998 156.08
ERL Performance All Motor Greg Delaney Covington, TN ’10 Camaro 8.484 161.96
Danny Niceley Strawberry Plaines, TN ’00 Corvette 8.857 152.21
Holley EFI LSX Real Street Adam Preston Caneyville, KY ’00 Camaro 8.664 157.41
Ted Timmerman Durham, NC 8.756 157.98
Proform LSX Index Rumble Steven Hill Cabot, AR ’98 S-10 12.513 107.87
Paul Smith Alpharetta, GA ’98 Corvette 9.911 125.81
Nitto Tire Fifth-Gen Camaro Josh Perryman Hayden, AL ’10 Camaro 13.627 102.83
Ronnie Hackelton Hazen, AR ’10 Camaro 10.572 129.44
FSC Magazine Bracket 1 Jesse Young Danielsville, GA ’01 Dragster 4.764 140.39
Art Schafer Buckhead, GA ’85 Blazer 6.846 99.25
FSC Magazine Bracket 2 Chad Brewer Canton, GA ’67 Camaro 6.880 98.74
Matt Ward Fair Play, SC ’69 Camaro 6.372 108.05
FSC Magazine Bracket 3 Rickey Morris Ellenwood, GA ’06 TrailBlazer 9.993 57.46
Gary Toole Taylors, SC ’95 Impala 10.870 63.64

1211chp 34 Chevy High Performance Nationals Saturday Award Winners 26/36

* Saturday’s Award Winners

1211chp 35 Chevy High Performance Nationals Sunday Award Winners 27/36

* Sunday’s Award Winners

Category Name Hometown Car Pass 1 Pass 2 Pass 3 Avg.
True Street Jared Shepard Austin, TX ’02 Camaro 9.225 10.289 9.903 9.806
Charlie Dale Pendelton, SC ’79 Camaro 10.535 10.604 10.602 10.580
11-Second Winner & Runner-Up Bruce Duncan West Union, SC ’81 Camaro 11.160 11.270 11.277 11.236
Derek Hall Athens, GA ’70 Camaro 11.980 11.648 11.504 11.711
12-Second Winner & Runner-Up Bobby Green Oak Ridge ’10 Camaro 12.005 11.985 12.198 12.063
Tom Calabrese Victor, NY ’10 Camaro 11.993 12.107 12.114 12.071
13-Second Winner & Runner-Up DeWayne Massengale Petal, MS ’11 Corvette 13.042 13.173 12.820 13.012
Neal Miller Buford, GA ’10 Camaro 12.526 13.754 12.784 13.021
14-Second Winner & Runner-Up Chuck Stefanski Brunswick, OH ’98 Firebird 14.327 13.792 14.196 14.104
Terry Barnett Park Hills, MO ’11 Camaro 13.472 13.608 15.375 14.104
15-Second Winner Dan Laney Easley, SC ’97 S-10 14.76 15.000 15.642 15.116



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