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NMCA Flowmaster Drag Racing Event - Fastlanta

NMCA Flowmaster Drag Racing invades Atlanta Dragway with fast times and close action

Michael Galimi Jul 20, 2012
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Last year the NMCA Flowmaster traveling tour of street freaks made a return to Atlanta Dragway, located approximately 60 miles north of Atlanta in the quaint town of Commerce, Georgia. The action was dramatic; cars burst into flames and crashed into walls. Those vehicles that remained unscathed ran quick times, thanks to the excellent weather and track conditions. This year, the NMCA event was every bit as exciting, but thankfully the heart-breaking accidents were kept to a bare minimum, with some fender benders here and there, but nothing that made you shake your head in despair. The 2012 running of the Nitto All-Star Nationals was all about racing, and we packed up a few cameras and loaded up on sunscreen to cover it all.

chp 01 Nmca Flowmaster Drag Racing Old School Dragster 2/25

The star of the show was the Mickey Thompson Super Street 10.5 category, which attracted 16 cars that came packing 10.5W tires and mid 6-second times. The class is called Outlaw 10.5 in other racing circles, and the NMCA officials dubbed it Super Street 10.5 due to its roots and the fact that the powerplants feature some restrictions when compared to the wide-open rules format of traditional Outlaw 10.5 competition. The somewhat-loose set of rules to govern engine sizes and turbocharger dimensions helps create parity amongst the different power adders. Despite perceptions, the racers are serious players, with the top spot being nailed by Mike Murillo who had run 6.49 at 232 mph. No worries, the vast majority of the category is powered by Chevy engines—second in qualifying was Eric LaFerriere driving the world famous ’80 Malibu belonging to Jason Carter. The ’Bu unleashed the fury by stopping the clocks in just 6.54 seconds at a terminal speed of 231 mph. Top speed in the full field was a nasty 234 mph that was put up by Willard Kinzer and his big-block, Chevy-powered Mustang.

1209chp 07 Nmca Flowmaster Drag Racing 3rd Gen Camaro 3/25

Michael Fratena ran his turbocharged third-gen Camaro in 275 Drag Radial and ran a career best of 7.71 at 186 mph during qualifying. He went all the way to the semifinals before losing to eventual class winner Jason Lee.

The excitement didn’t end there on the track; we watched Pro Street cars shoot for the 5s with speeds in excess of 240 mph as well as the unique full-bodied muscle cars slug it out at 190 mph in one of our favorite categories—Nostalgia Pro Street. The action flowed down through the other heads-up ranks and over into the Index categories—one for late-model cars and another just for ’70s-and-older muscle cars. The NMCA Flowmaster series also caters to the Nostalgia Super Stockers that are certainly a throwback to the earlier years of drag racing. Throw in a car show, manufacturer midway, a few Jet cars, and you had enough stuff to keep busy for a few days. CHP

1209chp 18 Nmca Flowmaster Drag Racing 1980 Chevy Malibu 19/25

Jason Carter brought his world-famous ’80 Malibu to Super Street 10.5 competition, and he has Eric LaFerriere of DMC Racing driving with Mark Micke of M&M Racing Transmissions tuning. The ’Bu unleashed a scorching 6.54 at 230 mph and was runner-up in Super Street.



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