Holley Second Annual LS Fest - Power Packed!

Weekend Fun at Holley’s Second Annual LS Fest

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The LS phenomenon has really caught on and it couldn’t have been more evident after hanging out at this year’s Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, Kentucky. If this event is new to you, then let us fill you in.

1202chp 01 O  Holley Second Annual Ls Fest Launch 2/32

For starters, if an LS mill powers your ride, then you’re welcomed to join in on the fun. And once you step inside the gates, you’ll be surrounded with nonstop action throughout the weekend; think of it as a way to satiate your appetite for high-performance antics.

So whether you’re into drag racing, ripping around on the autocross, or want to let it all hang out on a chassis dyno, the LS Fest has it all. Then again, if you’re more into kicking it with the show crowd, you can do that as well.

Of course, while we enjoyed every aspect of the event, our personal favorite had to be our Chevy High Performance High Noon Shootouts! Friday’s session included the autocross, where we had 18 strong competitors lobbying for the title. On Saturday, we had the Outlaw 8.5 drag race, and Sunday included the Show & Shine. Each winner earned a $500 gift certificate good for anything from the Holley lineup or brand family, and a personalized CHP jacket.

1202chp 02 O  Holley Second Annual Ls Fest Corvette Launch 3/32

If you missed the excitement this year, then do yourself a favor and mark it down on your calendar for next year. Holley is really onto something, and we have a feeling it’s only going to grow exponentially. As for us, we’ll be back in full force, camera gear in hand, and covering all the exciting action online and in print!

LS Fest Grand Champion

Name Points
1. Kyle Tucker 67
2. Brian Finch 63
2. Mark Stielow 63
4. Edward Timmerman 57
5. Jeff Schwartz 55
5. Terry Neubille 55
7. Mark Greenisen 48
7. Jeffrey Cleary 48
9. Al Miller 46
10. Bret Voelkel 39

Baer & PHR Speed stop Challenge

ABS Results Fastest Time
1. Edward Timmerman 0:08.23
2. Mark Stielow 0:08.47
3. Al Miller 0:08.63
4. Yancy Johns 0:08.79
5. Jason Earley 0:09.13
6. James Rowlett 0:09.32
7. Nick Licata 0:09.39
8. Wayne Furr 0:09.57
9. John Bateman 0:09.96
10. (Luke) Jeffrey Hawkins 0:10.07
Non-ABS Results Fastest Time
1. Terry Neubille 0:08.64
2. Brian Finch 0:08.72
3. Kyle Tucker 0:08.85
4. Greg Scheinder 0:09.01
5. Jeff Schwartz 0:09.02
6. Robert Bertelsen 0:09.14
7. Bret Voelkel 0:09.23
8. Jeffrey Cleary 0:09.29
9. Curt Ukasik 0:09.60
10. Mark Greenisen 0:09.66




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