Chevy High Performance Street Machine Challenge - Game On!

The Inaugural Chevy High Performance Street Machine Challenge

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’66 RideTech Chevelle

Fast Facts
Horsepower: 430
Engine: GMPP E-Rod LS3
Suspension: front, RideTech StrongArms and spindles with triple-adjustable ShockWaves; rear RideTech StrongArms with triple-adjustable ShockWaves
Brakes: front/rear Baer six-piston with 13-inch rotors
Tires: BFGoodrich KDW, front, P275/35R18; rear P275/35R18

1201chp 24 O  Chevy High Performance Street Machine Challenge 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Autocross 2/39

From The Driver Seat

Danny Popp
The Chevelle was simply awesome, probably the most surprising performance I experienced. Power was marginal in comparison to others, which I’m sure is no surprise to its owner, but the balance was great and the brakes were the best of the bunch. You could drive this thing deep into the corners, stand on the brakes, and it would do exactly what was asked of it with absolutely no drama. This alone made it a joy to drive and made me giggle. The gearing was reasonable, especially for an automatic with only four speeds. In reality, it also created some limitations; for example, it would have been nice to have a taller First gear to shoot it off of the corners a little harder and limit wheelspin off the line. This car would rotate nicely mid corner and allow you to stand on the gas early, helping its lap time.

Henry D
I’ve actually spent some quality
time with this Chevelle in the past, only then it had a conventional small-block 383. It’s since been upgraded to an E-Rod LS powerplant and a 4L60 with a manual valvebody. Along with those changes, it now sported a ratcheting shifter that required a bit of finesse. Basically, you start out in First, then you have to click a lever before you can click it into Second; however, it was pretty easy to let slip into Third. The first run had to be aborted due to driver error, but it showed a lot of promise. The second run was much cleaner, the shifts were firm, and we had a runner.

1201chp 23 O  Chevy High Performance Street Machine Challenge 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle 3/39

'66 Church Boys Racing Chevy II wagon

Fast Facts
Horsepower: 310
Engine: 5.3 LS
Suspension: CBR rack-and-pinion conversion with CBR tubular upper and lower control arms; front, double-adjustable coilovers; rear, double-adjustable shocks with 185-pound multileaf spring
Brakes: front/rear, Factory fourth-gen F-body
Tires: Dunlap Direzza, front, P215/45R17; rear, P235/45R17

1201chp 25 O  Chevy High Performance Street Machine Challenge 1966 Chevrolet Ii 4/39

From The Driver Seat

Henry D
What a great ride; very unassuming and little to warn others of the 5.3 LS engine. Even though it was mostly stock, this family cruiser had plenty of steam to surprise most onlookers. During the first run, I simply left it in Overdrive, expecting the transmission to do the brunt of the work. Except there was one problem, it didn’t go into Overdrive, making me lift and ease back into the throttle. For the second run, I put the shifter in Drive and planned on manually shifting into Overdrive; it didn’t like that either. Once again, I had to lift and wait for it to engage before I could plant my foot back into the throttle. If the transmission would shift into overdrive at wide-open throttle, I’d say bottom 13s wouldn’t be out of the question.

1201chp 26 O  Chevy High Performance Street Machine Challenge 1966 Chevrolet Ii Drag 5/39

Danny Popp
This was the first car I drove, and it wasn’t ergonomically friendly for a couple of reasons: the bench seat and what seemed like a 19-inch steering wheel. The big wheel made it a chore to drive around the course, but that said, it was probably the most entertaining street machine I drove. The wagon had more grip than seating, and I can tell you, the owner and I were sliding back and forth across that bench seat for 50 seconds or so, and I don’t think the owner expected this. Quicker steering would have helped significantly, but the wagon did surprisingly well given its ergonomic limitations. Another important note is that it did very well for being equipped with the smallest tires of the bunch.


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