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11th Annual Del Mar Nationals - Goodguys Fun!

We Check out the 11th Annual Del Mar Nationals

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We’ve mentioned Goodguys Rod & Custom Association in the past, but in case you’re new here, we’ll give you a quick background: Since 1983, Goodguys has put together a really well-organized series, producing more than 20 shows a year across the country. And while the shows are generally better known for older street rods, they do allow street machines and muscle cars, as long as they are ’72 and older. If you don’t fit in that category and would still like to show off your ride, you’ll be happy to know they also have additional get-togethers, allowing all years, makes, and models.

chp 01 O  11th Annual Del Mar Nationals Cars 2/13

Something you may be more familiar with is the Goodguys Street Machine of the Year award. Each year at the Columbus, Ohio, venue, big-name builders lobby for the coveted title. Some of the past winners include the Ringbrothers’ Razor ’69 Camaro, the Roadster Shop C1RS ’62 Corvette, and last year’s champion, the Scar ’67 Camaro built by Lakeside Rods and Rides.

One of the more recent shows happened to be in our own SoCal backyard, and there was no way we were going to miss it. On the weekend of April 1, we ventured south for the 11th Annual Del Mar Nationals at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. If you’ve never been to the area, plan a trip; the setting, off the coast of San Diego county, is incredible and, yes, the weather is always perfect.

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Regardless of what you’re into, Goodguys offers something for everyone. For the car-show buff, you’ll dig the endless rows of rides. If you’re looking to check out the latest parts, you’ll appreciate the manufacturers’ area, along with the halls filled with various booths, ranging from memorabilia to automotive components. If you’re looking for a little more action, then you don’t want to miss out on the autocross scene. Bear in mind that the autocross is only at select events, so be sure to check the schedule ahead of time.

Of course, we did it all. We found a car out of the Pacific Northwest to shoot as an upcoming feature, took our ’72 Nova for a number of laps through the cones, hung out with old friends, and made some new ones, and we had a great time doing it.

chp 03 O  11th Annual Del Mar Nationals 1967 Chevrolet Camaro 4/13

Autocross Results

Street Machine

Name Car Time
1. Kyle Newman ’55 Chevy 33.066
2. Steven Rupp ’68 Camaro 33.555
3. Brett Campbell ’67 Camaro 33.575
4. John Rasmussen ’72 Nova 33.683
5. Deanna Marengo ’71 Camaro 34.137
6. Matt Alcala ’69 Camaro 34.381
7. Doug Renner ’69 Camaro 34.487
8. Tom Foglesong ’67 Camaro 34.569
9. Chris McCrea ’69 Camaro 34.806
10. David Eckert ’67 Chevelle 34.931
11. Chris Robinson ’69 Camaro 34.993
12. Greg Huhman ’71 Camaro 35.192
13. Mike Wright ’69 Camaro 35.287
14. Paul Newman ’68 Chevy 35.43
15. Scott Haggai ’72 Nova 35.488
16. Rick Markey ’67 Camaro 35.55
17. Ray Fields ’67 Camaro 35.799
18. Paul Alderman ’70 Camaro 35.819
19. Richard Trujillo ’69 Mustang 36.498
20. John Wityak ’65 Mustang 37.002


Name Car Time
1. Maier Racing ’66 Mustang 31.914
2. Kyle Tucker ’70 Camaro 32.092
3. RideTech ’69 Mustang 33.153
4. Hotchkis ’68 Road Runner 34.155
5. Hotchkis ’69 C10 34.557
6. Stacy Tucker ’63 Nova 34.909
7. James Shipka ’67 Camaro 35.132
8. Spectre ’70 Camaro 35.51
9. Harry Heish ’72 Camaro 35.688

Fun Run

Name Car Time
1. Evan Dalley ’68 Camaro 32.058
2. Bryan Rodgers ’69 Mustang 33.016
3. Glenn Trauth ’69 Camaro 34.852

Editor’s Challenge

The Goodguys Editors Challenge is something we look forward to. In the past, everyone was allowed to drive his or her own vehicle, however for the second year in a row each editor was required to drive three separate rides. With a single pass in each car, those times were then averaged and used as the final standing order.

Name Magazine Time
1. Mary Pozzi Camaro Performers 34.205
2. Jeff Smith Car Craft 34.245
3. Nick Licata Camaro Performers 34.445
4. Chad Reynolds 35.257
5. Wes Drelleshak Classic Trucks 35.728
6. Mark Gearhardt 36.007
7. Sean Haggai Chevy High Performance 36.139
8. Johnny Hunkins Popular Hot Rodding 36. 614
9. Doug Glad Car Craft 36.844
10. Kirk Jones Goodguys Gazzette 36.852
11. Steven Rupp Camaro Performers 37.238
12. Rob McGaffin Popular Hot Rodding 37.915
13. Kevin Shaw 40.298
14. Paul Heizenga 41.434
15. Courtney Hallowell Drive 41.711
16. Travis Noack Muscle Car 47.401



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