Run To The Coast II

A Weekend of High-Performance Glory!

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From the Seat

’72 Nova

1107chp 29 O  Run To The Coast Ii Event Grey 2/29

We can’t be more proud of our quaint ’72 Nova build. Aside from its lack of luster, our Nova can hang with the best of them with only basic gear underneath. All it took was a great platform to start adding to. At this year’s RTTC, it turned out respectable times through the autocross track, too, placing us in the middle of the pack. We’ve completed the basics, adding only the parts necessary to remain competitive, like adjustable suspension, disc brakes, and a posi rearend. Of course, fatter rubber helps but we’ve learned some simple tricks, like adjusting tire pressure can prevent the tires from pushing through the turns. This small change alone knocked nearly 3 seconds off our autocross times. It’s proof you don’t have to shell out tons of dough to remain competitive and have loads of fun. We’re far from done, but for now our plans call for more seat time through additional events to truly dial in our Nova. CHP




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