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Celebrating a New Breed of Power at Holley’s First LS Fest

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The hot-rodding spirit is as American as apple pie, burnouts, baseball, and drive-in movies. And what better place to showcase that strength than in the green heavy hills of the South? Never was that more evident than at the Beech Bend Parkway in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was there, during the weekend of Sept. 9-11, 2010, an all-out assault on the grounds was underway.

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The good folks at Holley came up with an event unlike any other. With the popularity of LS powerplants skyrocketing, it only made sense to celebrate them with an event that was completely dedicated to all things LS related. The three-day event proved to be a big hit and included heads-up drag racing, autocrossing, a 0-to-60-to-0 Speed Stop Challenge, an engine swap challenge, a show ’n’ shine, and of course, the countryside cruise. Even a manufacturers’ midway allowed show goers to check out the latest in LS technology. While the weather didn’t cooperate at first, it failed to stop the fun, and participants were lining up to run their rides. The rules were simple, only requiring each participating vehicle to be powered by an LS engine. This included anything from the truck-based 5.3 liters, LS9s, and race-bred LSXs. For the autocross portion, rubber was to be rated no less than 180 treadwear to compete. During the events, class champions were crowned, as was an overall event champion who participated in multiple events.

It was southern hospitality at its finest at Holley’s hometown track. If you weren’t there, don’t worry. We were there in full force to cover all of the gear-slamming fun, and we have to say, if you have an LS, this was the place to be. Holley’s first year with the event was such a slam dunk, they’ve already released the date for next year’s event. Don’t miss out because we’ll be there again.




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