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2009 Street Car Super Nationals - High Stakes & High Speed

Street Racers Head To Las Vegas For The Fame And Glory At The Street Car Super Nationals

Michael Galimi Feb 15, 2010
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The 2009 running of the Street Car Super Nationals was the fifth such extravaganza that has grown from a West Coast shootout to a countrywide high-stakes game of speed. The event was born from the burgeoning PSCA (Pacific Street Car Association) series that operates exclusively in the West. The PSCA boss, Mel Roth, wanted to extend the West Coast-style Street Legal Drag Racing scene to the rest of the country and he decided to throw a big bash at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. He dubbed it the Street Car Super Nationals (SCSN) and the ensuing madness has grown to massive proportions, attracting racers from all over the North American continent. One look at this year's running reveals competitors from as far east as Atlanta, way north as Alaska and parts of Canada, as well as Texas and many other states in the union far and near.

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Racers and fans enjoyed a wide range of categories including several unique heads-up eliminators, index competition, and bracket racing. The heads-up classes are where most of the dramatic performances took place. The SCSN lineup includes the popular and ultra-quick Hughes Performance Pro Street, home of the quickest and fastest cars. Coby Rabon scored the top qualifying spot in his Mustang with a record-breaking 5.98 at 243 mph. He was in good company as 52 other Pro Streeters attempted to qualify for the 32-car field. Some fast cars were on the outside looking in with the bump spot set at 6.53 by Mike Bruno. Dan Vogt stood atop the field once the clutch dust settled. Accufab Outlaw 10.5 packed wild action as an eclectic mix of machines took to the strip on 10.5W tires and virtually limitless engine combinations bound only by a set of weight breaks. We saw everything from former Pro Stock entries to real street machines. The field was strung out from mid-6s to high-7s. Once the 10.5W tires stopped spinning we saw Dale Moznik holding the $10,000 winner's check.

Moving past the top two categories, the cars became more identifiable as the categories shifted to smaller tires and more stock-appearing bodies. MagnaFuel Xtreme Radial was home to quick drag radial-equipped entries as well as true 10.5-inch tires. Mike Keenan scored the top qualifying position with his '02 Camaro with a flat-out hauling 7.24 at 207 but finished runner-up as he smoked the tires against NMRA Super Street Outlaw champion John Urist in the finals. One tick behind the Xtreme Radial cars was the Mickey Thompson Wild Street; a class that reminds us of NMCA Xtreme Street but it packs a powerful punch with the quickest car belonging to Dee Pfnister who drove his '69 Camaro to a 7.78 at 181 mph for number one honors. On Sunday, David Schwartz drove his Mustang to victory over George Raygoza and his '68 Nova-Schwartz ran 8.14 to a wheelie-slowing 12.35 for Raygoza.

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Edelbrock Hot Street is reserved for naturally aspirated entries and mid-to-low 8s was the norm. Vic Brum drove his '70 Chevelle to the top spot on the ladder with an 8.26. Brum was also the only top qualifier to score a class victory out of any heads-up category at SCSN V. Caramba Tequila Limited Street ran similar times to Hot Street but the cars feature 28x10.5-inch slicks and are powered by extremely limited nitrous-oxide, single turbocharger, or centrifugal blower engine combinations. Interestingly, an import and more specifically the vaunted '93 Supra was on the top spot. Dana Westover cruised in the turbocharged import to an 8.47. But on race day, American iron ruled the roost as Mike Saiki ('68 Camaro) beat Mark Washington ('84 Mustang), 9.01 to 10.74. Ross Racing Pistons Open Comp, Calvert Racing Bracket 1, and B&M Racing Double-Index round out the index and dial-in categories available for Chevy racers. Ken Spears ('54 Chevy) beat Sergio Fellipe ('65 Ford Mustang) in Double-Index. In Bracket 1, Justin Lamb beat Mike Williams. Mike Matranga used a 10.64 on a 10.59 index to beat Michael Hadtrath who broke out with a 9.62 on a 9.63 index.

The wild mix of cars and performances makes the Street Car Super Nationals a must-see event in 2010. Factor in the Vegas location and you can be sure the CHP staff will be there as well.



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