NMCA Xtreme Street Event Coverage - 10 1/2 Inches To Glory

Xtreme Street Racers Put It To The Ground Through Small Rollers And Live To Talk About It.

Michael Galimi Jan 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

As veteran NMCA racer Steve Cagle once told us: "You cannot get too greedy with the power." The cagey veteran not only turned to Matukas this year to help get his chassis sorted out, but he also changed his nitrous system around. The rules allow engines to have a single-stage fogger setup or a two-stage plate system. There were a few reasons for Cagle's swap to the nitrous plate and one of them was the ability to stagger the power. It has helped him get into the 8-teen range with his '70 Nova. Matukas also told us that torque converter selection plays into the equation. Some combinations can get away with a tighter-than-normal unit to help prevent too much power from hitting the 10.5-inch slicks. Matukas said the big-block entries are the opposite and need a looser one because of the heavy weight they run.

1001chp_16_z Nmca_xtreme_street_event_coverage Drag_stip_shot 2/16

Matukas summed it up best, "Xtreme Street is tough but it is fun. I think it is one of the best classes out there."


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