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Trick Flow Specialties LS Performance Parts

Trick Flow Specialties: Your Foundation for Ultimate LS Performance!

Sep 1, 2009
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For over 25 years, Trick Flow Specialties has been supplying street heroes and drag racers with innovative performance products and accessories to give them the edge they need to compete and win. When GM released the first LS engines in 1997, enthusiasts got the most technologically advanced small-block Chevy ever. Over the past decade, these Generation III and IV engines have become even more popular (and powerful!) as enthusiasts have pushed the limits of the design in search of more horsepower. Trick Flow first joined the party with its GenX(tm) Street/Strip CNC cylinder heads, and realizing that not everyone needed the all-out airflow capability of fully CNC-ported heads, Trick Flow released a new line of heads that featured near CNC-ported performance for the same price as "the other guy's" standard cast heads. Called the GenX(tm) Street/Strip cylinder heads, these new heads featured Trick Flow's revolutionary Fast As Cast(tm) casting process, which used digitized intake and exhaust runner profiles from fully CNC-ported GenX heads to create new tooling that precisely duplicated the profiles during the casting process. The result is high-flowing cylinder heads that can even rival some of their competitor's CNC-ported heads-all at a more affordable price. Available for both LS1 and LS2 applications, the heads feature 220cc intake and 80cc exhaust ports.

Further demand required Trick Flow to expand its line with even more high-performance LS parts. The first of these new products was a valvespring upgrade kit that allows factory cylinder heads to run cams up to 0.600-inch of valve lift and rev to 6,500+ rpm and the Track Max(r) line of camshafts that maximize performance of Trick Flow and other aftermarket performance products. The dyno-tested GenX(tm) Top-End Engine Kits were developed next. The GenX(tm) Top-End Kits take the time and guesswork out of designing a winning combination and saves customers some hard-earned cash in the process. The kits include all of the parts you need: a pair of GenX(tm) Street/Strip CNC cylinder heads, a specially matched Track Max(r) hydraulic roller cam, roller rocker arms, pushrods, head gaskets, head bolts, exhaust gaskets, and balancer bolt-in a convenient, ready-to-install package. GenX(tm) Top-End Engine Kits for LS1 engines are available in 485, 500, and 515 horsepower levels; LS2 Top-End kits make 550 dyno- proven horsepower.

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As we all learned in Hot Rod 101, engines need air, fuel, and ignition to run. Trick Flow stepped up to the plate with the TFX(tm) line of air and fuel delivery components. TFX(tm) high-flow billet fuel rails are the building blocks of custom fuel systems. They include specially constructed mounting brackets to keep the fuel rails tucked in close to the engine to prevent hood and intake manifold interference. TFX(tm) fuel injectors atomize fuel better, are less likely to become clogged by fuel deposits, are quieter, and require less energy to operate than other aftermarket injectors. TFX(tm) EFI throttle bodies add 5-15 more rear-wheel horsepower and improved responsiveness-and can be installed in less than an hour. The throttle bodies are cast from aluminum and are crafted with hand-assembled butterflies for maximum quality. You even get multiple throttle linkages for custom installations. TFX(tm) Cold Air Intake Kits replace an engine's restrictive stock airbox with a low-restriction unit and filter that increases airflow and horsepower.

To create the ultimate supercharger system, Trick Flow teamed up with the supercharger experts at Magnuson to produce application-specific systems that can add up to 150 horsepower to your GM hot rod. At the core of the system is the Magnuson MP112 supercharger, a Roots design with intermeshed helical rotors to promote efficient and quiet operation. The supercharger is overdriven for instantaneous boost off-idle, and an internal bypass valve eliminates part-throttle power loss. The systems include a cast aluminum intake manifold, air-to-water intercooler, high-capacity fuel injectors, plumbing, wiring harnesses, brackets, hardware, and a programmer to properly calibrate your ECU. Trick Flow backs it all up with a 3-year warranty.

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Trick Flow Specialties is 100 percent committed to LS performance. The word on the street is Trick Flow is getting ready to debut a new porters' casting version of its GenX(tm) Street/Strip CNC cylinder head featuring enough wall thickness to support 265cc intake ports for extreme race applications, plus raised spring pockets and valve cover rails which will accept both hydraulic and solid roller valve-spring packages. Add to that Trick Flow's attention to detail, high-quality components, superior customer service, and unsurpassed performance and it's easy to see why Trick Flow lives up to its promise of Ultimate Bolt-On Performance!



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