1966 Chevy Chevelle Silver State Classic Challenge Drive - Hellraiser '66

Running The Chevelle From Hell With The Big Boys At The Silver State Classic Challenge

John Nelson Mar 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

The other thing that was right on the ball was the car's handling. This was about the most uneventful 160 mph a guy could experience. Believe me, I'd like to tell you a hair-raising tale of hanging by the skin of my teeth, on the edge motor chaos. But it just wasn't so. The menacing black Velle sliced though the Nevada desert with nary a shimmy or shake. "The high part was how well the car handled," concluded Peruto. As for me, I never even winced or raised an eyebrow the whole run--it was that steady and planted. To which Mcclenon replied, "That's the greatest compliment you can have as a chassis builder." That's my new theory, contradictory as it may sound: The faster you're going, the less eventful you want the ride to be. Trust me. It'll still be plenty exciting.




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