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2008 SoCal Nova BBQ - Block Party

3rd Annual Socal Nova BBQ

Sean Haggai Feb 1, 2009
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Check all fluids, wash the car, polish the rims, check tire pressures, vacuum the interior, and make any last adjustments to ensure that your trip will be successful. What am I talking about? The car show, of course! When one comes to town, you best be prepared to make it there, come hell or high water.

Now, I have always had the feeling that the shortage of a place to sit, the crowds of people, the lack of shade, and the expense of it all-especially when you add in entrance fees and a bite to eat-would mean that the average car show would begin to lose its appeal. You practically need a show map or a program just to find your favorite section of cars. Like you, we are tried and true car guys who want cars without all the filler. Weighing in those factors, we were ready for something new and innovative, so when we got buzz of a car show in a not-so-common place, we were all for it.

This wasn't the average show put on by sponsors or a huge budget. No, it was a small gathering that's been gaining in popularity through Steve's Nova Site Forum ( Forum members decided that they wanted to be rid of the customary show, to break away from the norm and try something new with a bit more attention to the cars and the people behind them. This time the packed parking lot, the scarcity of shade, the show map, and the hoards of people were completely absent. What better location to have the car show than on a small neighborhood street? That's right, the 3rd annual SoCal Nova BBQ kicked off the festivities on a forum member's very own street. No one was battling for a parking spot, and everyone seemed to know everyone else. It was like a small community, a close-knit family where even the strangers were welcome to hang out.

If you didn't think a full-blown car show is possible on a neighborhood street, think again. The forum members are definitely onto something here, and it may be starting a trend. We like the event so much that we covered it-showing you what was there and that the idea of creating a fun-filled "car" show was still alive.



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