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CHP's Top 10 New Products of the Year

Henry De Los Santos Mar 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
0803chp_03_z Heads 2/12

What it is
230cc Super 23 Race CNC cylinder heads capable of flowing 318/262 cfm intake/exhaust at 0.700 inch lift.

Why we like it
These monster-flowing heads don't require a dedicated shaft-mount rocker system with their factory intake and exhaust port locations. We were told to use them on nothing smaller than 400 ci, and with the right combination of camshaft and compression, it wouldn't be hard to approach 650 hp naturally aspirated.

What we'll do with it
It's already in the works, and we'll be testing these babies on a big-inch small-block. Without a doubt, we'll include our flowbench results along with detailed dyno figures.

Trick Flow · 330.630.1555

0803chp_08_z Nitrous_controller 3/12

What it is
Launcher, a progressive nitrous controller that allows you to individually control up to four stages on the sauce.

Why we like it
Ease of tunability through a laptop computer and its compatibility with all Windows applications, including the latest Vista. If you'd rather have the ability to tune on the fly, then you can upgrade to the optional handheld touch screen. Inside, an SD card can data-log your runs and easily store a number of tunes for specific tracks.

What we'll do with it
We love nitrous, so this one should be fairly easy to figure out. We'll do a complete install on a radial tire-equipped car and show you how to use it, step by step. · 270.782.2900

0803chp_06_z Rockers 4/12

What it is
High-performance CNC-machined Ultra-Gold roller rockers for small- and big-blocks.

Why we like it
We've been using Comp rockers for years for their strength and reliability; however, with the latest aluminum forgings, we can now use them on even more aggressive applications with 1.625-inch-od valvesprings.

What we'll do with it
Expect to see a set or two on upcoming engine builds.

Comp · 800.999.0853


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