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CHP's Top 10 New Products of the Year

Henry De Los Santos Mar 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
0803chp_01_z Sema 2/12

Everyone with a passion for cars knows about it, and most will do anything to attend it, but unfortunately for the general pubic, the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show is a private industry affair. Of course, there's always the exception to that rule and someone will still find a way to get in. However, for those of you who play legit or just flat-out missed the opportunity to walk within the huge halls of new products and multitudes of cool cars, we'll do you right by ignoring the little knickknack gadgets and get straight into what we consider to be the coolest products of the entire show. For what it's worth, we do have a bonus list featuring five additional products, but you'll have to drop by our Web site at to see what they are.

0803chp_02_z Shift_console 3/12

What it is
Shift by Wire electronic shift controller for traditional transmissions, including 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E, 4L85E, and 700R4; with your choice of two mounting options, a rotary control dial, and a trick touch pad.

Why we like it
It's clean, and depending on what you do with your street machine, it can complement the cheeriest of cockpits, offering a look all its own, and it'll definitely separate you from the crowd.

What we'll do with it
Our FNG is putting his '66 Elco together, and given the street demeanor we have planned for it, this'll fit right in. The only foreseeable problem is deciding between the rotary dial and the touch pad. Do you have a preference? If so, which install would you rather see? Let us know at · 888.776.9824

0803chp_04_z Air_compressor 4/12

What it is
Integrated air compressor and wiring system for any AirRide system.

Why we like it
It's a self-contained, all-in-one unit, eliminating hours of wiring and plumbing. In other words, installing a complete system just got easier and can be had with your choice of 3- or 5-gallon air tanks.

What we'll do with it
We've been patiently awaiting a local Chevelle to become available for a complete install followed by a rugged day of track flogging. If anything, it'll make our install a breeze, and we'll bring you a full report.

Air Ride · 812.482.2932

0803chp_05_z Carb 5/12

What it is
Adjustable fuel log that can swivel 40 degrees for added clearance.

Why we like it
The adjustability alone makes this piece worthwhile. Add in the fact that moving the inlet will help eliminate any potential linkage issues.

What we'll do with it
We're constantly on the dyno, so rather than raiding our dyno facility at the last moment, we'll have to purchase a couple for ourselves. The good news is Aeromotive offers them for both Holley and Demon carburetors.

Aeromotive Inc. · 913.647.7300




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