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If you own an LS-Powered ride, you need to be in Memphis this October!

Rick Jensen Jun 15, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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In the EFI GM market, a major national event with a huge turnout is a rare occurrence. In the years since the LS1 came onto the scene, GMHTP has covered tons of events, and talked with lots of guys who worked hard in an effort to pull off a monster EFI event-but it rarely happens.

Many of you have been to regional or national meets with your rides, and some of them are pretty big deals. But anyone who's witnessed one of the serious races out there knows that they are in a completely different league. Compare 50 to 100 cars racing at any EFI GM event you've been to with 400 to 500 at a big Mustang race. Sure, we all know that 'Stangs had crazy production numbers, which obviously helps. But it's clear that these events are happening places, with great promotion, good coordination, big prizes, and lots to do. And for years, the question I've always asked was: how do we pull something like this off in the EFI GM market?

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So it's with great excitement that GMHTP announces a brand-new event to showcase the outstanding Gen III/IV series engines. The GM Performance Parts LSX Shootout will take place October 11-14, 2007 at Memphis Motorsports Park in Memphis, Tennessee, and will be open to any GM vehicle with a Gen III or IV engine-EFI or carbed, factory installed or swapped into another ride. And to sweeten the pot, GM Performance Parts will be putting up $60,000 in cash and prizes!

To dig you racers out of the woodwork, the LSX Shootout will offer several classes: LSX Showdown, LSX Naturally Aspirated, and LSX Drag Radial.

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The LSX Showdown class will be index-based, allowing racers to select an index and go up against other fast vehicles. Fancy yourself a bracket-class badass? Take home First Place and walk away with $1,000, an LSX block courtesy of GMPP, a big trophy, and an LSX Shootout winner's jacket. As an added bonus to enter this class, all participants will get free entry into the NMCA True Street class on Saturday.

The LSX Naturally Aspirated class builds on the outstanding N/A power potential of the LS-based engines, and will no doubt feature some of the most outstanding engine builders in the LS community. If you think you've got the baddest N/A Gen III/IV on the block, come prove it. The class winner gets $2,000 and an LS7 crate engine from GMPP. The huge trophy and LSX Shootout winner's jacket are just icing on the cake.

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Who out there has a big ego, a big attitude, a big wallet, and the desire to skate 7- and 8-second LS-powered GMs down the track on drag radials? If this sounds like you, the LSX Drag Radial class is your path to glory. Lots of heavy hitters will be signing up for this race-those we already know, and those who will be enticed by the $3,000 First Place check, LS7 crate engine from GMPP, killer trophy, winner's jacket, and ultimate LS-based bragging rights.

These racers will be throwing down in front of a monster crowd, as the LSX Shootout will take place at the ProMedia-hosted NMCA World Street Finals-the largest event for heads-up sportsman drag racers. Hope you can concentrate while cameras flash and the TV crews are crowding your face!

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Not into the race scene? No problem. In addition to the on-track action, the LSX Shootout will feature the LSX Dyno Shootout, as well. GMPP will be providing a chassis dyno and $1,000 to whoever can put down the biggest number. Think you can?

What if you just feel like showing up with your LS-powered GM ride and kicking back? Do it. Enter the car show, visit the midway to buy a few extra parts, and spend the weekend eating, drinking, and watching the action.

All of this, combined with several way-cool surprises you won't want to miss, means that the LSX Shootout will be the biggest, most lucrative, and most important EFI GM event ever-so don't even think about skipping it. For the latest updates, stay tuned to GMHTP and For more information, including ticket prices, vendor space, hotels, and more, visit We'll be there ... and you'd be crazy not to be!




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