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Super Chevy Show Indy, 2003

Randy Fish Jul 11, 2003

Indy's Super Chevy Show has certainly lived up to its name. The car show participant count was Super, while the race car contingent was equally Super -- not to mention, the vendor midway and swap meet, well, they were Super, too. That's why we were there. And along the way, we met lots of Super folks. All in all, things were good!

In our travels, we scouted just about every square inch of Indianapolis Raceway Park (by foot), and it never ceases to amaze. If this place could talk, we would certainly listen to all the "otherworldly" feats of speed chronicled here over the last (almost) 50 years. What do you say we get to some of the highlights, so you folks can see a slice of what you missed on this great weekend. And don't forget, complete coverage will be splashed on the pages of Super Chevy magazine, in an upcoming issue.


The Main Gate at Indianapolis Raceway Park in Clermont, Indiana, demonstrates a bit of prestige. Site of the famous U.S. Nationals, it's also home to an equally famous 5/8-mile paved oval, where midgets, Craftsman Trucks, and Busch Grand National cars run.

Defending Nitro Coupe Champion, Dan Nickelson, had his trusty Beretta back in action. His brand-new (but ill-handling) Corvette has been cut up, with a newer-still back-half welded in. He promises it'll be flying before too long.

The Parks Tower has been a special landmark at Raceway Park since the mid '80s. To this day, it still houses race control, two media centers, administrative offices, and the busiest of all NHRA corporate hospitality suites

Chevrolet's retiring Special Vehicles guru, John Moss, invited AutoStar Productions' Roger Gustin for a quick ride in his powerful little, blown LT1-powered Chevy Sprint.

The Chicago Super Stock Outlaws always bring plenty of ammunition to wow the crowds. Though they run big motors, they also run lotsa bottle, too, with multi-stage fogger systems injecting big doses of nitrous oxide to increase combustion and help put 'em on the bumper!

Chevrolet's Special Vehicles department created quite a stir, with its all-new, big-block, twin-turbo-powered Monte Carlo. Stay tuned to Super Chevy for a closer look.

Just released this weekend were the first batch of Super Chevy Show Nitro Coupe Muscle Machines. These cars are hot!

Editors Choice and Awards photos by Tony "I'm On The Road Again" Kelly

Photos and captions to follow by Tony "I'm Still On The Road" Kelly

BONUS photos and captions to follow by Randy Fish and Nick Licata


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