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Super Chevy Show - Memphis-Cool, Chevys-Hot!

Stompin' Around by the Big Muddy

Tony Kelly Jul 24, 2006

Even $12-a-gallon gas couldn't keep us away from the Memphis Super Chevy Show. Yeah, we know it wasn't that high during the show, but by the time this magazine is in print, you never know. Memphis always serves up good food, great weather, fast cars, and nice people. We missed Elvis again, but that just means we have to go back again next year.

The racers must have been waiting all year to compete for some Super Chevy money and trophies, because it was all action and little down time. Even the Nitro Coupe crazies were well represented by local hero Tony "The Sandman" Williams, who blazed through the field, taking the Nitro final in his flawless steel '69 Camaro. Williams' best quarter-mile top speed was 212.13 mph and his lowest e.t. was 6.698. Low e.t. during elimination rounds was run by Cody Barklage at 6.586, who also ran the best speed of 219.33 mph. The Trim Parts Low Qualifier for the event was Dave Tomasino, running 6.530 secs. at 210.90 mph during Saturday qualifying.

Spectators were glued to their seats by great head-to-head racing between the Pro Show teams and the Chicago Super Stock Outlaws amazing 7-second street Chevys. We could watch those high-flying wheel-standing Chicago guys all day, and then some. Bill Houghton in his "phantom" '03 Camaro SS took home bragging rights by running through the field, finally defeating Dave Douma in the final with an 8.020-second e.t. at 172.65 mph. Houghton lightened up his load a bit by launching his brand-new hood on the track somewhere near the finish line. It came out in one piece, though, and will live again on the front of this Fourth-Gen screamer.

On the show field, we were treated to the finest Chevys that the South has to offer. Our award process was tough; we could have used two or three times the number of Editor's Choices to be fair, so the cars we selected were truly the "best of the best." No losers at Memphis.


0609sc_02_z Super_chevy_show 1941_willys 2/38

Ronnie Qualls from Lake City, AR, did up this truly fine '41 Willys with the LS1 engine looking right at home up front. It was a natural for the Street Rodder Magazine Award. On Sunday, the car won its class in Modified Conversion, 1938-1948, and the Best Conversion of the Show...

0609sc_03_z Super_chevy_show Willys_engine 3/38

...To round it out, Ronnie's car is now one of the Car Show Top Ten nominees, the winner of which will be announced at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this November. Nice Weekend for Mr. Qualls and his Willys.

0609sc_04_z Super_chevy_show 1986_monte_carlo 4/38

Who says we don't show Montes? We even like late-models, as long as they're this nice. Thanks to Eric Kemp of Winslow, TN, for bringing this nice '86 to the show, and taking home an Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car Award.

0609sc_05_z Super_chevy_show Chevy_pickup 5/38

Call 'em suede, rat rods, jalopies, or throwback hot rods...

0609sc_06_z Super_chevy_show Rat_rod 6/38

...they're cars that old and young guys put together and then DRIVE...

0609sc_07_z Super_chevy_show 7/38

...We get a kick out of the trend but only if they have brakes and floors.

0609sc_08_z Super_chevy_show Burn_out 8/38

Low qualifier of the meet, Dave Tomasino, warms the tires. After scorching the track Saturday, Dave broke and didn't make it to the Sunday eliminations. Sounds like a "racing deal" to us.

0609sc_09_z Super_chevy_show Drag_race 9/38

Eventual Nitro Coupe winner Tony Williams wrinkles the slicks and heats the track on the way to a low-6-second run during eliminations. Williams is a "hometown" Memphis guy and a great crowd favorite.

0609sc_10_z Super_chevy_show Nitro_corvette 10/38

Bill Doucet's Nitro Corvette is done up in our favorite hot rod paint, flames and all. Bill made it all the way to the finals, running some great times, only to lose in an extremely tight finish to Tony Williams.

0609sc_11_z Super_chevy_show Nitro_coupe 11/38

Does Tommy Howes' car look as loud as it sounds? Up close and personal with anything burning Nitro is the best seat in the house.

0609sc_12_z Super_chevy_show Chevy_camaro 12/38

Don't ever look away when the Chicago Outlaws are on the starting line. The Gustafson team had this Camaro charged up nicely, but just as it launched, a bit of a fire started. After the crew beat the fire out, the car started up and drove away. These guys know how to keep 'em going.

0609sc_13_z Super_chevy_show 1963_chevy_impala 13/38

You've just got to love this car. Richard and Susie Schanot of Joplin, MO, spent four years building their '63 Impala (same make and model as Richard's first new car). Amazingly, it was Richard's first car project but it was done well enough to take the ISCA Award of Excellence, and the Class Win for 1958-1989 Modified Big Cars and the Show Award for Best Big Car.

0609sc_14_z Super_chevy_show 1976_chevy_camaro 14/38

Mid-70s Camaros sometimes are neglected in favor of more glamorous models but not this one. Brian Kain of Pacific, MO, did good on this '76 installing a ZZ4 engine and Air Ride suspension. We gave it an Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car Award and it also took a Class Win For Modified 1970-1981 Camaros.

0609sc_15_z Super_chevy_show 15/38

Vegas still live, mostly on the drag strip. Kevin Sims of Hammond, LA, keeps his ride alive and well on a diet of racing fuel. Now he can proudly display a Top Ten Drag Car Award on the garage wall.


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