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The 26th Annual Super Chevy Show - Blast Off!

The Super Chevy Show Hits the Ground-Running in California

Mike Harrington May 31, 2006

Entering its 26th year on the show circuit, the Super Chevy Show returns to its only West Coast venue at the legendary Pomona Raceway. For over 50 years, the blacktop at Pomona has been shakin' and quakin', and not from earthquakes, either. Generations of blacktop bombers have piloted the quarter-mile course at Pomona, and this year's Super Chevy was no different.

Despite the topsy-turvy weather of Southern California, which, as of the writing of this article resembles Seattle weather, the vehicles and show attendees came rolling in. Californians out in the rain? Yes, that is surprising news, but hey, would we lie to you? The cooler temperature actually favored the drag racing crowd, which if you can't tell from the photos, most of the staff members in attendance seemed to photograph the most. This particular weekend there were a few spooky looking crashes that occurred on the quarter-mile strip, the worst of these was Randy Adler of Tinley Park, Illinois. Randy pilots the black '57 Chevy Nitro coupe and runs in the low that's just plain fast. We are happy to report that no bones were broken and he is back on his feet. In fact, all the drivers who had mishaps are doing just fine.

Besides the exciting drag racing action, a legion of show cars made the trek to the track on Sunday. So many good-looking cars bunched together, it's like looking for a needle in a stack of needles--a dirty job, but, well, you know.We hope you can sit back and enjoy the essence of the Super Chevy weekend in Pomona; we'll see the rest of you out on the road.


0607sc_01_z Super_chevy_show Dragstrip 2/42

0607sc_02_z Super_chevy_show_chevy_chevelle_grille Front_quarter 3/42

Buzz, buzz, buzz ... busy as a bee, the Chevelle owners in Pomona are a breed apart....

0607sc_03_z Super_chevy_show_chevy_chevelle_hood Side 4/42

...Despite the ominous-looking clouds on Saturday, they stood strong and made their presence known.

0607sc_06_z Super_chevy_show_chevy_chevelle Front_quarter 5/42

Wow, Joe Jenkins owns this bruiser of a cruiser. This black and blue Chevelle makes for a great color combo.

0607sc_05_z Super_chevy_show_1960_chevy Rear_quarter 6/42

We never did find the owner of this super-fine '60. You just gotta' love those fins.

0607sc_07_z Super_chevy_show_1966_chevy_nova_wagon Front_quarter 7/42

Christian and Marlene Morrow brought out this pavement-plowing Nova wagon. Did you ever think a '66 wagon could look so good?

0607sc_08_z Super_chevy_show_1967_chevy_camaro Side_photo 8/42

Follow the yellow brick line to the black and red Camaro. This '67 looked a bit lonely sitting out there by its lonesome on Friday, but the next day it had several dozen more parked next to it.

0607sc_09_z Super_chevy_show_pro_street_chevy_camaro Rear_quarter 9/42

You can't beat this meat! Check out the tires on this Pro Street Camaro. They're as wide as the day is long.

0607sc_10_z Super_chevy_show_1960_chevy_impala Rear_view 10/42

As soon as the call was made over the loud speakers, the staging lanes pulsed to life. Colorado resident Alan Losey ran this beautiful '60 Impala in the DOT class, running this heavy hitting 454 in the 12s.

0607sc_11_z Super_chevy_show Staging_lanes 11/42

We weren't kidding about those staging lanes; they "serpentined" around the stands and seemed longer than the actual course itself.

0607sc_12_z Super_chevy_show_1966_chevy_chevelle Front_quarter 12/42

What was really impressive about the Super Chevy weekend was the aesthetic quality of the drag cars. Check out Fred Jones' '66 Chevelle 300 show-car-turned-drag-car.

0607sc_13_z Super_chevy_show_1966_chevy_chevelle Engine 13/42

Here's the engine bay in Fred's '66 Chevelle. Not bad for a drag/show car, eh?

0607sc_14_z Super_chevy_show_1969_chevy_camaro Engine 14/42

If this doesn't scare religion into you, nothing will--a twin supercharged 2,000hp '69 Camaro. There's no doubt owner Jeff Leatherman had bragging rights to which nobody else could hold a candle.

0607sc_15_z Super_chevy_show Small_block_engine 15/42

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we love this meticulously restored, dual-quad 283 small-block.

0607sc_16_z Super_chevy_show Big_block_engine 16/42

Just look at the headers on that big-block! They look like spider legs ready to come to life any moment.

0607sc_17_z Super_chevy_show Drag_racing 17/42

If you can come up with a better caption than "What the *&#@?" for this picture, we welcome your submission. Seriously, this is just too funny to look at. We'll give you one guess who won the race.

0607sc_18_z Super_chevy_show Drag_racing_girl 18/42

Gentlemen, start your engines!

0607sc_19_z Super_chevy_show Racer_dan_linehan 19/42

The decisive moment! Racer Dan Linehan is caught in the moment between shifts during his burnout.


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