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Cool Cars: Super Chevy Show Montgomery 2004

A hint of rain didn't keep them from Alabama's SCS

This year the weather agreed with us that September in Alabama would be a good place for a car show. As clouds swept across the sky, keeping temps in check all weekend, the cars and people were cool. Even though, like Norwalk last month and Maple Grove before it, the 2005 Montgomery Super Chevy Show was held under the slightest threat of rain, but Mother Nature just barely interfered. A few light sprinkles dampened our heads, but it was never enough to stop the action as the sun dried the drops away before anyone could tell the ground was wet.

This year's Montgomery SCS was perhaps the biggest one yet. It certainly drew a good crowd of competitors and spectators. And, since Montgomery is a small venue, all the lanes were stacked full. It was easy to cruise the fairgrounds and seek out whatever it was your tastes desired. And since Montgomery is also an eighth-mile drag strip, there was tons of racing action all weekend long. Some say that eight-mile racing is better, since there's more of it going on and you can see the finish line from the start. Regardless, the cars were quick and there were plenty of them to run.

Another topic of discussion at the show was recovering from Hurricane Frances and the impending thoughts of another one on the horizon. Several show and race competitors talked about, and had damage to prove, their experiences of the hurricane. Like living in California with the threat of quakes, fires, mudslides, and riots, the South has its natural forces to deal with, too. The high spirits of all who attended kept things going smoothly and we're thankful that Mother Nature also wanted to enjoy the show.

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