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The Afterparty: Super Chevy Show Richmond 2004

It's cash only around these parts

Jan 13, 2005

For me this was my first Super Chevy Show outside of the Southern California/Nevada area, and it was quite an experience. Although the show is basically the same setup throughout the country, everything else was just, well different. Actually the show seemed pretty much the same with the usual flocks of Chevy fans scurrying from one area to the next, but my surroundings are a whole other story.

For starters, somehow my hotel room ended being 25 minutes away deep in the ghetto, and I mean ghetto. When I pulled up Saturday night after the show, Virginia cops (yes that's plural) were out front taking down names and statements! What happened, I dunno; I didn't exactly stick around to find out.

Another interesting experience I learned out on the road is outside of the busy stop-n-go lifestyle of Southern California, credit cards and debit cards aren't a matter of life and death. For that reason, because I had no cash, I spent an entire day going without food, (luckily I could find water fountains) five hours next to a lady crying her eyes out watching a movie on the plane (I didn't have cash to buy a set of head phones), and a mad dash running across the street in the pouring rain to the ATM. Why didn't I just drive you ask? Well I had just finished eating at the Waffle House and when I whipped out the plastic to pay, the waitress informed me they don't take credit cards. Therefore I left the keys to the rental with her and took off to the gas station's ATM machine.

Guess I learned my lesson. Anyways though, for those of you who wanted more, you got it. Since you couldn't get enough coverage of the Virginia Super Chevy Show on paper, feast your eyes upon this.


Derrick and Keri Gilchrist 1967 Camaro RS is one bad mofo with an Edelbrock 200-400 shot nitrous system. Yea that First Gen cranks out 680hp @ 4.400rpm!

Were not sure who owns this '37 Chevy, but is sure does seem like something you'd see crusing around Gotham City.

Ed Howell of Hopewell, VA brought out his 1955 3100 PU Truck. Talk about one cool nostalgic truck.

ProCharger was out and about with there massive display, and if the superchargers weren't enough to draw you in, they brought in some back up, Hooter's girls. Can't go wrong there.

I had to throw this one in there because I have wanted one of these mini-monsters since I can remember.

I guess Virginia is for lovers becase Brian Painter and his wife Crystal, who is also expecting, spent their five month anniversary at the Richmond show with their Sunburst Orange '71 Nova. They deserve some kinf of award, oh wait, we gave them an Editor's Top Ten Drag Race award, and no that's not his wife, that's Brian's buddy Jason Cook.

You just never know what you'll find at the swap meet.

Girls wanna race too! Especially when eight year old little sis Shiane Hayes is trying to take away 12 year old big sis's, Nicole Hayes, championship belt.

Bad News is right because Stuart William's and John Richard's '92 Camaro is one strong runner.

How's that for a decked out Tuned Port Injection engine?

Here's another bitchin' motor you can drool over.


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