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It's A Kinda Magic

Vette Magic 29 Rolls Through the Sacramento Racceway

James Miles Sep 15, 2004

If there's one thing VETTE Magazine loves, aside from Corvettes, it's FAST Corvettes. While not a prerequisite for getting our attention, you'll have it when you speed by doing low 11s, or better yet, 9s.

That's why I made it a point to head upnorth to Sacramento, California, for the annual Vette Magic All-Corvette Drags and Car Show. Held this past June 5th and 6th, Vette Magic is sure to please anyone wanting a to spend a little time around the faster half of the hobby. While I have nothing against the weekend tire shiners and NCRS members, there's something that they can't provide and that's near block-cracking power or a great big booooyah! Watching a C1 smoke a C5 on the dragstrip is enough to bring tears to the eyes this Associate Editor (mostly from the tire smoke). I'm also quite sure that this is enough to bring tears to the eyes of any diehard restorer--but for totallyseparate reasons. And that's one thing you won't see at Vette Magic--bone stock. Yep, the Corvettes at this event have been cut up, glued together, driven hard, and put away hot.

But that won't stop this group of people from shining up their best for a judged showand shine held the Saturday before thebig race. And while it was impossible tofind a speck of dirt anywhere on the General's finest during the judging, Sunday was theday to tear it up and get down and dirty in front of the Christmas treeat Sacramento Raceway. VETTE Magazine was there and enjoyedthe hospitality that this fine group of people had to offer. If you weren't, you should have been. But you'll have another chance coming up in 2005. Until then, enjoy ourcoverage and be sure to check for more details.


Saturday was a "hoods-up" day for the show and shine. Every flavor of Corvette was in attendance at Vette Magic 29.

Get out the towels and paintbrushes. Just because these Vettes aren't NCRS material doesn'tmean that the judges are any less strict.

Always a personal favorite of mine is the '78 Pace Car. How did it score? I hope well!

Here's a few of VETTE Magazine's favorites from the show...

The Saturday night's BBQ dinner gave the participants a moment to relax and get better acquainted...

...while Sunday's drag races at the Sacramento Raceway gave the owners a chance to see their new-found friends in their rear-view mirror.

Waiting on the sidelines, these drivers watch the action until their classes are called.

The family that races together, stays together. Check out this his ('04 Brickyard 400 Pace Car) and hers ('03 Indy Pace Car) Corvette team. The Leonardo's went head to head several times during the course of the race.

Bud Carney gets abig hats-off from us. Bud's been comingto Vette Magic since near the beginning. Unfortunately, on his run, his '56 had some drivetrain issues and he had to sit the rest of the race out. We'll see you at the winner's circle next year!

Keith Paulsen ran white-hot on the strip but needed a quick cool down while awaiting for his next turn. Seen here, Keith and friends apply a little old-fashioned ingenuity to their old-fashioned ride.

At the end of the day with the winners chosen, the trophies were handed out. See our sidebar for more details, and see you there next year!


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