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Super Chevy's Field Trip To Toronto, Canada

And What Did We Learn?

First of all there were no Mounties where we were. Too bad, we looked forward to meeting King the Wonder Dog. Second, don't be fooled when you hand over a $5 U.S. bill and get more than that in Canadian money. There will be a shock when you trade in your Canadian money for U.S. as you leave. By the way, are there any Canadian $1 paper bills? We didn't see any but we also understand the $1 coins are called "looney's" and the two dollar coins are called "tooney's." Don't take any $3 coins or else you're the "looney."

Here's a big one. A speed limit of 100 is not a license to fly in Canada. It's 100 kilometers per hours and converts to a bit over 60 mph. We can pretty much guarantee you will get lots of attention at 100 mph! That might be a way to meet the Mounties. The signs at the end of the drag strip are expressed in miles per hour, thank goodness, so at least there was some measurement we understood.

Of course we understood the great Chevys, Beaumonts, Acadians, and Pontiacs that came stock with Chevy engines in Canada. The weather isn't, and wasn't, conducive to year around cruising but the people here spend the winters making good use of their time; working on and polishing their fine cars.

Toronto Motorsports Park is home to some serious drag racers. Matter of fact, this is where Gary Irving, one of the top Nitro Coupe drivers and team owners, calls home. Bruce Boland, another fire-breathing Nitro Coupe pilot is also from this area. The bracket racers we saw thrashing their machines all weekend long were no less serious about winning than any Nitro Coupe team, or racers we see at any other track on the Super Chevy Show route. By the way, the new track tower features marble floors! Very civilized. We recommend it to all the tracks down south.

2004 Super Chevy Show Awards Toronto Motorsports Park
Saturday Awards
INTERIORRose & Steve Nowsel, Troy MI, '34 Chevy
PAINTEd McLean, Cobourg, ONT, '61 Chevy
ENGINEGeorge Pezoulas, Nipigon, ONT, '65 Beaumont
OUTSTANDING STOCKLen Woodrow, Jordan Station, ONT, '62 Chevy
OUTSTANDING STREETKaren & Dan Bell, Seagrave, ONT, '67 Chevy II
OUTSTANDING MODIFIEDJim McLaughlin, Cambridge, ONT, '71 Monte Carlo
Featherlite Trailers "TRANSPORT" Award - Sponsored by Featherlite, Inc.Terry Rivait, Cayuga, ONT, '67 Chevelle
American Colorscans, Inc. "GRAPHICS" AwardAl Holmes, Cambrige, ONT, '40 Willy's
ISCA AWARD OF EXCELLENCERobert Slomba, Whatfield, NY, '66 Chevy II
Suzuki "OUTSTANDING 4X4" AwardMike Marsh, Maireville, OH, '95 4 X 4
OUTSTANDING STREET ROD - Presented by Street Rodder MagazineRandy Colyn, Smithsville, ONT, '35 Chevy
OUTSTANDING CLASSIC TRUCK - Presented by Classic Truck MagazineMike Anderson, Newmarket, ONT, '72 GMC
OUTSTANDING CUSTOM ROD - Presented by Custom Rodder MagazineSteve & Liz Tufford, Ridgeway, ONT, '53 Chevy
DETAIL - Sponsored by Racing Communications, Inc.Walt Scott, Cambridge, ONT, '55 Chevy
WORKMANSHIP - Sponsored by Waterloo Industries, Inc.Bob Hilton, Waterloo, ONT, 2001 S-10
Derrick Styger, St. Catherines, ONT, '68 CamaroBrad Turpin, Welland, ONT, Jr. Dragster
Josh & Andrea Henline, Rossford, OH, '78 MalibuFrank Mayer, Williamstown, ONT, '67 Chevelle Malibu
Don De Lorenzo, Niagra-on-the-Lake, ONT, '57 Bel AirJason Bretzhold, Akron, NY, '59 Corvette
Jack Dickinson, Livonia, NY, '70 MalibuVic Irving, Holland Landing, ONT, '83 Camaro
George Mayer, Niagra Falls, ONT, '69 CamaroMike Chrico, Smithville, ONT, '65 Bel Air
Steve Gray, Waterdown, ONT, '73 CamaroKen Young, Cambridge, ONT, '64 Malibu
Jim Mattice, Port Dover, ONT, '62 PontiacBeth Smalley, Mt. Albert, ONT, '55 Chevy
Todd Welsh, Bell River, ONT, '70 NovaMartin McLaughlin, Cambridge, ONT, '79 Malibu
George Gannon, Stoney Creek, ONT, '69 Camaro Z-28Pete Ruiter, Guelph, ONT, '55 Chevy
Scott Forbes, Cambrige, ONT, '66 PontiacBob Hannah, Caledonia, ONT, '63 Pontiac
Sunday Awards
Class Winner
Outstanding BIG CAR (Includes Impala, Biscayne and Caprice) Sponsored by A&M SoffSeal, Inc.
1949-1954Stew & Liz Tufford, Rigeway, ONT, '53 Chevy
1958 - 1963Len Woodrow, Jordan Station, ONT, '62 Chevy
1964-1989David Coombug, Woodstock, ONT, '65 Chevy
1990 & NewerBrad Widerman, Stoney Creek, ONT, '95 Chevy
CAMARO - Sponsored by Rick's First Generation Camaro
1967-1968John Doyle, Orchard Park, NY, '67 Camaro
1969 OnlyTim Moonan, West Seneca, NY, '69 Camaro
1970 - 1981Steve Gray, Waterdown, ONT, '73 Camaro
1982 - 1992Tom Hawke, Rigeway, ONT, '89 Camaro
1993 & NewerChuck Zaroles, Kenmore, NY, 2002 Camaro
CHEVELLE - Sponsored by Original Parts Group
1964 - 1965George Pezoulas, Nipigon, ONT, '65 Beaumont
1966 - 1967Helmut Przontka, Kingston, ONT, '67 Beaumont
1968-1969Attila Korasis, Gloucester, ONT, '68 Beaumont Wagon
1970-1971Russ Robinson, Beamsville, ONT, '70 Chevelle
1972-1981Martin McLaughlin, Cambridge, ONT, '74 Chevelle
CORVETTE - Sponsored by TrimParts, Inc. & Vette America's Favorite Corvette Magazine
1953 - 1967Wayne McDonald, Toronto, ONT, '65 Vette
1968 - 1982Mark Sweeney, Innisfil, ONT, '75 Vette
CONVERSION - Sponsored by Meguiar's Inc.
1948 and EarlierMike Burton, Beamsville, ONT, '31 Ford
CHEVROLET 1955-56-57 - Sponsored by Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc.
1955-1956Pete Ruiter, Guelph, ONT, '55 Chevy
1955-57 Station Wagons OnlyDiane & Shawn Currie, Stayner, ONT, '56 Chevy Wagon
1957 OnlyCraig Fowler, Nobleton, ONT, '57 Chevy
EARLY CHEVROLET - Sponsored by Kimberly-Clark Corporation
1900 - 1935Russ Novosel, Troy, MI, '34 Chevy
EL CAMINO Sponsored by Parts Unlimited, Inc.Gord Tustian, Lynden, ONT, '70 El Camino
MONTE CARLO - Sponsored by WorkMat.netTim McLaughlin, Cambridge, ONT, '71 Monte Carlo
NOVA - Sponsored by Wheel Vintiques Inc.
1962 - 1967Scott Forbes, Cambridge, ONT, '66 Nova
1968 & NewerShawn Denny, Sunderland, ONT, '71 Nova
PRO ENGINEEREDTerry Rivait, Cayuga, ONT, '67 Chevelle
PRO STREETDavid Shier, Ingersoll, ONT, '67 Chevy
1949 - 1972 Two Wheel DriveMike Anderson, Newmarket, ONT, '72 Chevy p/up
1973 - 1987 Two Wheel DriveGreg Dwyer, Hannon, ONT, '78 Chevy p/up
1988 & Newer Two Wheel DriveMark Hawthan, Burlington, ONT, '89 Chevy p/up
Mini Pickup Two Wheel DriveRick Harrison, Kitchner, ONT, '87 Chevy p/up
Full Size & Mini Sport Utility VehicleCecil Calcutt, Strathoy, ONT, '89 Chevy
4X4 Full Size & Mini Pickup 4X4Mike Marsh, Mainville, OH, '99 Chevy 4x4
1962-1967 NOVA GOLD CLASSRobert Slomba, Wheatfield, NY, '66 Nova
1964-1967 CHEVELLE GOLD CLASSRandy Kirker, Sanborn, NY, '66 Chevelle
PRO ENGINEERED GOLD CLASSBob Hilton, Waterloo, ONT, 2001 S-10 p/u
BEST '55 - '57 Sponsored by Danchuck Manufacturing, Inc.Craig Fowler, Nobleton, ONT, '57 Chevy
BEST BIG CAR Sponsored by A&M SOFFSEAL, Inc.Ed McLEan, Cobourg, ONT, '61 Chevy
BEST CAMARO Sponsored by Rick's First Generation CamarosGeorge Gagnon, Stoney Creek, ONT, '69 Camaro
BEST CHEVELLE Sponsored by Original Parts GroupMartin McLaughlin, Cambrige, ONT, '79 Chevelle
BEST CORVETTESponsored by Trim Parts & Vette, America's Favorite Corvette magazineWayne McDonald, Toronto, ONT, '65 Vette
BEST CONVERSION Sponsored by Meguiar'sMike Burton, Beamsville, ONT, '31 1/2 Ford
BEST EARLY CHEVY Sponsored by Kimberly-Clark ScottRose Novosel, Troy, Michigan, '34 Chevy
BEST EL CAMINO Sponsored by Parts Unlimited, Inc.Gord Tustian, Lynden, ONT, '70 El Camino
BEST MONTE CARLO Sponsored by WorkMat.netJim McLaughlin, Cambridge, ONT, '71 Monte Carlo
BEST NOVA Sponsored by Wheel Vintiques, Inc.Scott Forbes, Cambridge, ONT, '66 Acadian
BEST PRO STREET/ENGINEEREDTerry Rivait, Cayuga, ONT, '67 Chevelle
BEST TRUCK Sponsored by WorkMat.netRick Harrison, Kitchner, ONT, '87 S-10 p/u
BEST PAINT GOLD CLASS Sponsored by WorkMat.netBob Hilton, Waterloo, ONT, 2001 S-10 p/u
BEST ENGINE GOLD CLASS Sponsored by WorkMat.netRobert Slomba, Wheatfield, NY, '66 Nova
TREMEC TRANSMISSION WINNERJim McLaughlin, Cambridge, ONT, '71 Monte Carlo
Car ShowLuch Delry, Hannon, ONT, '70 Chevelle SS
Drag RaceRay Calleja, Selkirk, ONT, '67 Camaro
Car ShowDale Chambers, Kitchner, ONT, '55 Chevy Bel Air Convertible
Drag RaceJohn McIntyre, Dunville, ONT, '86 Monte Carlo
Mark Bliven, Belmont, NY, '2000 Spitzer DragsterHarry Gregory, London, ONT, '66 Nova
SIMPSON BEST APPEARING CREWJohn Dickinson, Binbrook, ONT, Fast Lane Auto Parts '67 Camaro
SOFFSEAL "ATTENTION TO DETAIL" AWARDLen Woodrow, Jordan Station, ONT, '62 Chevy
WORKMAT AWARD OF EXCELLENCEGeorge Pezoulas, Nipigon, ONT, '65 Beaumont
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