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Super Chevy's Field Trip To Toronto, Canada

And What Did We Learn?

Tony Kelly Jun 28, 2004

First of all there were no Mounties where we were. Too bad, we looked forward to meeting King the Wonder Dog. Second, don't be fooled when you hand over a $5 U.S. bill and get more than that in Canadian money. There will be a shock when you trade in your Canadian money for U.S. as you leave. By the way, are there any Canadian $1 paper bills? We didn't see any but we also understand the $1 coins are called "looney's" and the two dollar coins are called "tooney's." Don't take any $3 coins or else you're the "looney."

Here's a big one. A speed limit of 100 is not a license to fly in Canada. It's 100 kilometers per hours and converts to a bit over 60 mph. We can pretty much guarantee you will get lots of attention at 100 mph! That might be a way to meet the Mounties. The signs at the end of the drag strip are expressed in miles per hour, thank goodness, so at least there was some measurement we understood.

Of course we understood the great Chevys, Beaumonts, Acadians, and Pontiacs that came stock with Chevy engines in Canada. The weather isn't, and wasn't, conducive to year around cruising but the people here spend the winters making good use of their time; working on and polishing their fine cars.

Toronto Motorsports Park is home to some serious drag racers. Matter of fact, this is where Gary Irving, one of the top Nitro Coupe drivers and team owners, calls home. Bruce Boland, another fire-breathing Nitro Coupe pilot is also from this area. The bracket racers we saw thrashing their machines all weekend long were no less serious about winning than any Nitro Coupe team, or racers we see at any other track on the Super Chevy Show route. By the way, the new track tower features marble floors! Very civilized. We recommend it to all the tracks down south.


K.C. Jones is into trains and jets. That's why he just completed the Super Chief that he lined up to race his other jet car, the Cannonball Express, a more traditional style locomotive. Both cars are way faster than a train!

Too bad we didn't see any owner's info around this '62 Vette. We're partial to this model and color, and thought you might like a look at it, too.

Too bad we didn't see any owner's info around this '62 Vette. We're partial to this model and color, and thought you might like a look at it, too.

Peter Kopp of Ajax, ON, was enjoying the show even though he didn't win an award. When it came time for the winners photos, however, we asked him to move his '73 Camaro, and he was so gracious about it we decided to show off his car. It looks like a winner to us.

This was entered as a '27 Chevy Speedster by Dave Brander of Marthaville. It sounded loud and old and we're pretty sure it isn't a factory piece, but it is interesting.

Dave Thomasino, right lane, up against Tommy Howes in qualifications. Dave made it to the semi's where Randy Adler prevailed and Dave had mechanical problems. In the finals Gary Irving took the win over Adler, 6.283 e.t. at 223.54 mph to Randy's 6.361 at 213.7 mph.

This could just be the result of a hard winter or it could be the track getting serious about riding golf carts where the sign says "KEEP OUT."

If you don't like the weather...

...wait a couple of minutes.

So you pull the bus in Friday and park next to the track. Then it rains and the bus sinks. So you can't leave so enjoy the show, invite the friends, and make the best of it.

1958 Bel Airs are not the most common items we see, and that's too bad, especially if they are this clean. Looking like it just rolled out of the new car showroom, Chris and Carla Nemeths' beauty from Scotland, ON, really got our attention.

ProStock, but in a kindler gentler color scheme, might describe Rick Staples' blown '55 from Edgersall, ON.

There it was, all alone out on the edge of the road course, but we found it. Richard Mann of Tihsonburg, ON, should be proud of his '67 Nova. We sure would be if it were ours.

Dads everywhere understand this plate.


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