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Corvette Trifecta

Chevy Spring 2004 Vettefest

Thomas Glatch Jul 22, 2004

Hitting a trifecta at the horse track results in a big payoff. Corvette owners have their own trifecta, the twice-a-year Chevy/Vettefest shows in Chicago. Stock, custom, or absolutely perfect Corvettes can hit the big payoff there.

The massive McCormick Place Exposition Center in downtown Chicago was packed with nearly 300 Chevrolets and Corvettes and over 40,000 people during the weekend of March 13th and 14th.

For restored and original Chevys of all kinds, the payoff could be the coveted Gold Spinner Concourse(TM) in which they must be judged to be within 95 percent of the factory-delivered condition. From a '57 Bel Air to a '02 Corvette, 20 Chevys earned the Gold Spinner, including 11 Corvettes.

For custom Corvettes and Chevys, the Bow Tie Boulevard(TM) was the best bet. Awards were handed out to 75 custom and race Chevys of outstanding quality, including 26 Corvettes.

But for the absolute best in original or restored Corvettes, a special Corvette-only award, the Triple Crown(TM), is only earned by cars that earn NCRS Top Flight, Bloomington Gold Certification, and the Gold Spinner Concourse(TM) at Chevy/Vettefest. Just five Corvettes merited the Triple Crown at the spring show.

Four Top Gun(TM) Awards went to the best of Vettefest. Great deals could be found in the Show-and-Sell area while hundreds of vendors had something for everyone.

Chevy/Vettefest returns to the McCormick Place Exposition Center the weekend of November 20th and 21st. Here are some highlights...


Chicago's McCormick Place is the largest exposition center in North America.

Nearly 300 automobiles and over 40,000 visitors turned out for the spring edition of Chevy/Vettefest.

Sherry Renner-Biggs of Valparaiso, IN, brought this pretty '80 Corvette.

Julius Johnson of Gary, IN, brought his custom '98 Pace Car.

Ken Hanna, co-promoter of Chevy/Vettefest, showed his SR-III, which mates a modern tube frame and late-model suspension with ZL1 power and a '57 body.

This '90 Corvette owned by Virgil Lincoln was one of a number of Corvettes from the Gary, IN, area.

A '78 Pace Car owned by John Kohronas of Williston Park, NY, is number 214 of 6,502 built. It has the desirable L82 four-speed powertrain and was one of five Corvettes to earn the Triple Crown(TM) award at the event.

Many stock and custom C4s were on hand.

Hundreds of vendors had something for everyone.

The Revolution Roadster features a '53 Corvette body with amodern chassis and LT-1 power. Pugesek Motorsports of Glendale Heights, IL, is the creator.


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