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We See It All at Maple Grove

Tony Kelly Sep 21, 2004

Each of the many Super Chevy Shows has a character of its own. From their location to the predominance of certain models of Chevys, we look forward to their individuality. Certainly Maple Grove, Pennslyvania, has always held a lure for the best and most ProStock and ProEngineered cars in the country. The layout of the showgrounds even accommodates this by lining them up on two perimeter fences, of which they use every bit of space allowed. Maybe it's the heritage of great dragstrips in the Northeast, or because there are so many great fab shops in the area specializing in custom frames, back-halving, and competition style suspension conversions that accounts for these great Pro cars. Whatever the reason, we're glad to see them at "The Grove."

On the other end of the spectrum, however, we got a look at one of our favorite models, a '55 Chevy Del Ray, absolutely box stock. Terry Zerbe's car has a straight-six engine and three speed trans. Del Rays stood out because of their unique upholstery, and Zerbe's was one of the best. It was one of many very well-done stockers that provided contrasts to the highly modified ProStock models at Maple Grove. Check out the pages of SUPER CHEVY and our other special edition magazines for full features on many of the great Maple Grove show cars.


Maple Grove's car corral has a few project cars...

...but in most cases what's offered looks like it could be bought and driven right into the show area.

Here's that '55 Del Ray we mentioned above. You've just got to love it.

Do we know how to pick 'em, or what? These are all Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car winners, and of course that means they're among the best cars at Maple Grove. The beautiful maroon '66 Nova belongs to Kenneth Mengel of Bernville, PA.

Frank Bailey of Perry, NY, is the proud owner of the ultra-shiny black '67 Malibu.

Don't even consider that Christopher Diehl's '89 IROC from Germantown is just some "nice original car;" it took a load of work to make it this nice.

Yes, that's a roll cage peeking out from inside Don Diller's nasty '69 Chevelle from Lancaster, PA.

Last but not least, that flawless black '67 Nova was brought to the show by Clara Scaccia of Mt. Norris, NY.

It was time to give the Danchuk jet car a "run up" and what better place to do it than the Pro side of the return road.

With all of the experts there it went fine, unless you were a bracket racer getting a time trial on Friday afternoon.

It only made a couple of racers excited and the wind blew everything away quickly.

Now we're dying to see the car with it's beautiful and famous body make some quarter-mile runs.

I've been here before.

We spotted this little beauty on its way into the show. Later on we gave the Custom Rodder magazine Outstanding Custom Rod award to owner Lee Edwards of Woodbine, MD.

Among all these award winners, that young man balancing the two wigglers and his plaque while managing to look cool is our kind of guy.

Big Mike Swinarski comin' at ya!

Stan Parker's "coolest of the cool" custom '58 Impala from Owings, MD, stopped traffic everywhere it went. It was no contest to take Best Paint along with the Sunday Class Win for '58 to '62 Big Cars and the coveted Workmat Award of Excellence.

Taking the award for Best Achievement Stock is this great '70 Malibu owned by Anthony Mattioli of Patterson, NJ.

Another Chevelle winning a Best Achievement award was this fine '67 in the Street category, belonging to Jason Knowles of Mohrsville, PA.

Brian Wilde's '56 is a contender in any class. At Maple Grove it took the ISCA Award of Excellence home to Huntington, MD.

Wish we had the owner's name but let's hope he or she is happy to see their great flamed '55 on the web.

It's nice to have a hardtop and a convertible.

Arnold Warner's '39 from Culpepper, VA, took the honors for Best Detail.

Jessica's Jet seems to be running just fine. Of course her boss, Al Hanna is pitching in to make the Danchuk car run right, also.

Black cars were the style in Pennsylvania this year. This happens to be the winner of TREMECS award for five- or six-speed manual trans-equipped cars. It's a '68 owned by Leon Gorodetsky of Staten Island, NY.

The legendary "little deuce coupe," Chevy-powered of course, took home Street Rodder magazine's Outstanding Street Rod award. Congrats to owner Joe Bennet of Churchtown, MD.

It's as good as it looks which accounts for why the Waterloo Workmanship Award went to Dana and Kimberly Taylor of Edgewater, MD, for their '67 Camaro.


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