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Dallas Is Flat And Wet

And that's not a country song

Tony Kelly Jun 1, 2004

We're used to having the Dallas Super Chevy Show on the flat, but we're getting tired of the wet. Not that we can do anything about it but we have to vent a little, right? For the car show entrants, the racers, and the spectators, Saturday was a total loss (cancelled at about mid-morning) but Sunday was a great comeback day. Tons of great machines rolled in to show, shine, and race, and we had all the action we usually expect only compressed into one fine day.

Because of the weather we converted our Nitro Coupes into eighth-mile cars and Dan Nickelson, Nitro Champ for the last two seasons, proved he could win at any distance. Dan's team took the final with a 4.150-second e.t. at 177.79 mph over Gary Irving who had to back out of the throttle on his run. Earlier, Gary had set low elapsed time of 4.067 seconds and best speed of the event at 178.74 mph. We don't relate as much to eighth-mile times for Nitro Coupes but it is remarkable to go that fast and that quick in 660 feet!

We met the family of a fine young man from Waco, Isaac Blount, who was killed in a crime at the age of 21 years while attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas. His family finished Isaac's pickup as a salute to him and brought it to the show where it drew many admiring looks. Don't miss the photo.

As you look through the Editor's Choice Drag Race Top Ten Award winners photos, realize that these were the racers who had their cars out of the trailer, even in threatening weather. If we couldn't see the car, we couldn't give it an award so cars in trailers, worthy as they might have been, were out of the running.


Quarter mile or eighth-mile, Nitro Coupes leave hard.

No reason to forget where the next Super Chevy Show is with this shirt. Just don't read it in a mirror.

This car took all the marbles. Caryn Burch's awesome '37 has done shows around the country and wows the fans. Big trophies, little trophies, gold cups, you name it; it took it at the Dallas Super Chevy Show.

Now this kid is going to be a racer. Rain or shine Brandon Tucker of Newcastle, OK, loves his '75 Vega. He lets dad drive it until he gets his license but it's his ride.

Mac Bernd of Arlington, TX, has decided he's a street rodder. We first saw him in a beautiful black and white '57 fuelie 150 two-door, then in a great three-window deuce coupe, and now he's proudly showing his '37 Ford coupe, for which he took a Gold Class Conversion Award. -07

Is this what they mean by putting it through the wringer? Mark Midiff of Wichita, KS, was well prepared for the weather and shared his appliance with other show car owners and detailers.

When you see Dave Thomasino coming down the return road after a screamin' run in his Nitro Coupe, get ready to catch. We caught him in the follow-through of a t-shirt lob to a lucky fan. Good arm!

Robert Routt of Flower Mound, TX, and his best girl, are proud of their Camaro Gold Class Award for this well-done '73.

The Blount family brought the '50 Chevy pickup that belonged to their son and brother Isaac. While at his student job during the time he attended UNLV, Isaac was killed during a holdup.

Although grieving, the family was able to complete his truck and now show it as a way to remember their young man.

Preparing for the final, Dan Nickelson heats up the tires on the "Old Faithful" Beretta. He defeated Gary Irving for the trophy and bucks.

You've just got to love this car. '38 Chevs in general are great but this one is a step above what you usually see at shows. Mike Stephens of Baytown, TX is the proud owner and he took home the Gold Class Award for Early Chevrolets. Hope to see more of this car.

This is one cool drag car. It is campaigned by Ambuehl Hobart of Red Oak, TX, and runs in the 9s with a 355ci small-block.

Kenneth H. Taylor, Belton, TX, '57 ChevyGary Kinnsch, Little Eloi, TX, '71 Malibu
Mike Williams & Austin Bass, Mt. Pleasant, TX, '64 Chevy p/uLupe Figuerora, Dallas, TX, '76 Nova
Bob Arbuckle, Harrisonville, MO, '66 NovaJohnny Chavez, Arlington, TX, '68 Camaro
Charlie Olsen, Midwest City, OK, '70 NovaMike Griggs, Tuttle, OK, '68 Camaro
Keith & Rhonda Stephens, Big Sandy, TX, '68 NovaRandy & Pricilla Stephens, Big Sandy, TX, '65 Malibu

Sunday Awards
Class Winner
BIG CAR (Includes Impala, Biscayne and Caprice) Sponsored by A&M SoffSeal, Inc.
1949-1954Jackie Satar, Royce City, TX, '54 Chevy
1958 - 1989Mike & Becky Watkins, Sanger, TX, '61 Chevy
1990 & NewerTom Reynal, Garland, TX, '96 Chevy
CAMARO - Sponsored by Rick's First Generation Camaro
1967 - 69Tom Pitts, Rockwall, TX, '69 Camaro
1970 - 1981Rick Smith, Plano, TX '71 Camaro
1982 - 1992Tim Lane, Pearland, TX, '88 Camaro
1993 & NewerBill Rowland & Son, Needville, TX, 2002 Camaro
CHEVELLE - Sponsored by Original Parts Group
1964 - 1967Dennis Kuykendall, Boerne, TX, '66 Chevelle
1968-newerJerry Bunker, Hays, KS, '70 Chevelle
CORVETTE - Sponsored by TrimParts, Inc. & Vette America's Favorite Corvette Magazine
1953 - 1964Henry & Carol Vloedman, Woodward, OK '62 Vette
1965-1967Bob Burch, Porter, TX, '66 Vette
1968 - 1982Bill Farr, Southlake, TX, '80 Vette
1984 & NewerVictor Breting, Spring, TX, 2001 Vette
CONVERSION - Sponsored by Meguiar's Inc.
Pre 1940Ronnie & Tonda McComic, Yantis, TX, '36 Dodge
CHEVROLET 1955-56-57 - Sponsored by Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc.
1955 OnlyRichard Stokes, Rockwell, TX
1956-1957Bob & Caryn Burch, Parker, TX, '57 Chevy
EARLY CHEVROLET - Sponsored by Kimberly-Clark Corporation
1900 - 1935LeRoy & Sandy Dyke, Cooperville, MI, '33 Chevy Coupe
1936 - 1948Jim Wyninegar, Naples, TX, '40 Chevy p/u
EL CAMINO Sponsored by Parts Unlimited, Inc.Raina Jeffalone, Thornton, CO, '71 El Camino
MONTE CARLO - Sponsored by WorkMat.netAllen Graham, Tulsa, OK, '82 Monte Carlo
NOVA - Sponsored by Wheel Vintiques Inc.
1962 - 1967Shawn & Stacy Farris, Red Oak, TX, '66 Nova
1968 & NewerScott Fitzgerald, Odessa, TX, '69 Nova
PRO ENGINEEREDLaverne Kelley, Enid, OK, '69 Camaro
PRO STREETLaverne Kelley, Enid, OK, '68 Camaro
PICK UP TRUCK - Sponsored by
1949 - 1972 Two Wheel DriveBilly McSwain, Rockwall, TX, '58 Chevy p/u
1973 - 1987 Two Wheel DriveSheryll Walker, Burkburnett, TX, '85 Chevy p/u
1988 & Newer Two Wheel DriveEric & Scott Clark, Arlington, TX, 2002 Chevy p/u
Full Size & Mini Sport Utility VehiclePete & Doris Reighard, Elizabethtown, TX, 2002 Chevy
4X4 Full Size & Mini Pickup 4X4Henry & Carol Vloedman, Woodward, TX, 2002 Chevy
CONVERSION GOLD CLASSCaryn Burch, Parker, TX, '37 Ford
CONVERSION GOLD CLASSMac Bernd, Arlington, TX, '37 Ford
EL CAMINO GOLD CLASSJohn Bedendender, Mt. Vernon, TX, '66 El Camino
EARLY CHEVROLET GOLD CLASSMike Stephens, Baytown, TX, '38 Chevy
CAMARO GOLD CLASSRobert Routt, Flower Mound, TX, '73 Camaro
1955-57 CHEVY GOLD CLASSCotton Tanner, Waco, TX, '56 Chevy
1955-57 CHEVY GOLD CLASSJohn Sadler, N. Little Rock, AK, '55 Chevy
BEST '55 - '57 Sponsored by Danchuck Manufacturing, Inc. Richard Stokes, Rockwall, TX, '55 Chevy
BEST BIG CAR Sponsored by A&M SOFFSEAL, Inc.Mike & Becky Watkins, Sanger, TX, '61 Chevy
BEST CAMARO Sponsored by Rick's First Generation CamarosTom Potts, Rockwall, TX, '69 Camaro
BEST CHEVELLE Sponsored by Original Parts GroupTerry Bunker, Hays, KS, '70 Chevelle
BEST CONVERSION Sponsored by Meguiar's Ronnie & Tonda McComic, Yantis, TX, '36 Dodge
BEST CORVETTE Sponsored by Trim Parts & Vette, America's Favorite Corvette magazineHenry & Carol Vloedman, Woodward, OK, '62 Vette
BEST EARLY CHEVY Sponsored by Kimberly-Clark ScottJim Wyninegar, Naples, TX, '40 Chevy p/u
BEST EL CAMINO Sponsored by Parts Unlimited, Inc.Raina Jeffalone, Thornton, CO, '71 El Camino
BEST MONTE CARLO Sponsored by WorkMat.netAllen Graham, Tulsa, OK, '82 Monte Carlo
BEST NOVA Sponsored by Wheel Vintiques, Inc.Shawn & Stacy Farris, Red Oak, TX, '66 Nova
BEST PRO STREET/ENGINEEREDLaverne Kelley, Enid, OK, '69 Camaro
BEST TRUCK Sponsored by WorkMat.netBilly McSwain, Rockwall, TX, '58 Chevy p/u
BEST PAINT GOLD CLASS Sponsored by WorkMat.netMike Stephen, Baytown, TX, '38 Chevy
BEST DETAIL GOLD CLASS - Sponsored by WorkMat.netCotton Tanner, Waco, TX, '56 Chevy
BEST ENGINE GOLD CLASS Sponsored by WorkMat.netJohn Bedenbender, Mt. Vernon, TX, '66 El Camino
SOFFSEAL "ATTENTION TO DETAIL" AWARDBob & Caryn Burch, Parker, TX, '57 Chevy


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