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How About A Personal Tech Advisor?

Tony Kelly Sep 20, 2004

By now most Super Chevy readers and racers know that the folks at ATI ProCharger are putting their money where their mouth is by running their Nova with and without the ProCharger, and showing an average of 4-second and 40-mph improvement in quarter-mile times. They do this at many Super Chevy Shows, and they do all the installation at their booth in Manufacturer's Midway, with people watching. Then, to top it all off, they raffle off a complete system FREE to a lucky show attendee! What you may not know is that they make themselves available at many other events for free tech help, in person.

Jim Summers from Overland Park, Kansas, is the driver of the ATI Super Chevy Project Car Nova, but he is also their Motorsports Director. As to qualifications, Jim has a passel of 'em. He has raced cars in many categories but he really loves boat racing. His most recent escapades were in Tunnel Boats: powered by 122ci V-6 motors, good for speeds over 120 mph! After that, terra firma must seem like a drive in the park, even at 170 mph. Taking that experience and Jim's expertise in the engineering and installation of ProChargers on the road means that people who equip their racers with ATI products, and who just can't get it to lay down the power potential, have Summers right in their pit, right at the track, for free. Nice way to treat the customer, we'd have to say.


The ATI ProCharger-Super Chevy Project Car warms up the rubber before making the run that shows how much better it runs with the ProCharger bolted on; usually about 4 seconds better and 40 to 50 mph than naturally aspirated!

For truly mass quantities of smoke you can't beat the jet cars.

K.C. Jones' stable of jet dragsters done up as trains make the windows shake and the air hot.

Normally the idea is to keep the doors on a Nitro Coupe closed but we caught the Thomasino car in staging and it definitely has a look this way.

One of many very close races at Super Chevy.

Super Chevy is for girls, too.

Can't forget the boys, though.

The fans get involved showing Bob Hall they want a full quarter-mile wheelie;

he almost always cooperates.

Those old '53s needed a little help to fire. Bruce Boland's never fails, though.

Some very fine show winners: John Shrewsberry's (and son) '66 Nova from Pontiac, IL, that took the ISCA Award of Excellence

James Wolfarth and the whole family celebrate his Editor's Choice Top Ten Award for his '55

Outstanding Paint (any doubt) went to Jerry Walker's '55 from Jacksonville, IL

Young Star award was given to Tyler Totterow of Cloverdale, IN, for his cruisin' '70 Chevy pickup

if the outside looks great (and it is) just imagine how fine the inside must be to garner Don Hendrickson's Medina, OH, '69 Camaro the Best Interior award

Best Achievement Stock and Best Achievement Street went to a pair of red cars, respectively the '62 of Petersburg, IN's Larry Fredrick

The '66 Nova from Bedford, IN, is owned by Dean Tackett

For Workmanship the '77 Chevy pickup of Mark and Sandy Hackman from Dixon, IL, took the Waterloo sponsored trophy

The Street Rod Magazine award went to Frank Solis of Rockland, IL, for his outstanding '34 coupe.

Somewhere buried deep in that cloud of tire smoke is a Chicago Outlaw car. We've seen less smoke from four-wheel drive burnout contests. Our guess is that guy leaning on the fence to the right of the Camaro is just too amazed to move.

If we knew, we'd tell you but we have no idea who owns this car, what exact year and make it is, although it may be a Plymouth, or why it was parked all by itself. It did catch our eye, though so we'll share it with you.

Wide open spaces at the big end of Indy, a racer's delight.


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