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A New E.T. At The Timing Slip Booth

And here to stay

Tony Kelly Sep 13, 2004

If there's one place at the dragstrip that every racer visits, it's the booth where the timing slips are handed out. Even when the racer wins, he or she studies that slip like it was their report card in the eighth grade and dad promised a new skateboard if the grade was better than last semester. One of the perks of being the Super Chevy magazine guy at the races is that we pretty much get to wander wherever we want in our "stylin'" golf cart, and the "big end" of the strip is one of our favorite spots. On the way to "top end", however, we stopped by the timing slip booth as something there caught our eye. Sandy Fleenor from Bluff City, TN, is the nice lady who makes sure that the right driver gets the right time slip (don't mess that up, ever!) but she pretty much is alone most of the day. That is, until E.T. came along. We're not exactly sure of his pedigree but one thing is for certain; this 9 months old dog is a natural for hanging around a racetrack. Sandy, who's husband Jerry works on Tech Inspections at Bristol, plops E.T. down on her lap and that's one happy dog. While I visited Sandy some pretty loud machines came and went, and the pup didn't move. As a matter of fact, he slept most of the time. I thought he was deaf but apparently not. If you call him, he rises up, looks around, and then goes back to his nap. This is a dog that was born to be around loud racers, and to be spoiled by Sandy. Not that anyone minds, you know.


The picture of cool; he's called ET and he was born for this life. Not bad, eh?

One of these cars received the Trim Parts Best Corvette Award; guess which one.

Okay, that was too easy so guess which one drove home and which one got hauled home on a trailer.

We had to look twice to determine if this was plumbing for air horns or turbochargers. It's for turbos! Either way, it's impressive and even that many horns could get you through traffic.

The good news is that this is a custom built car intended to show what a 2004 Chevelle might look like. The bad news is that GM didn't build it and it's actually a modified 2004 GTO (which is kinda good news).

There was only about a bazillion cool Camaros at Bristol. We took lots of feature photos there so look for Bristol Cars in Super Chevy and Camaro Performers.

Not always the best way to lower elapsed time, but certainly a great thrill ride, and a crowd pleaser too. Big Mike Swinarski launches his fine '57 Nitro Coupe down the strip at Thunder Valley.

We've missed Bruce Boland and his team for most of this year but he's back and the competition needs to worry. Bruce lit his '53 Corvette up just right on Saturday and Sunday, and took the win in the Finals for the first time this year. Great car and great driving!

Possible the best bargain in the place; discount subscription to Super Chevy, a free magazine, and a free t-shirt! No wonder this booth stays packed.

We don't get as much time to spend with the bracket racers as we should but when we do get to watch them, there's always great action such as this. That dial-in is for the eighth-mile, by the way.

If you like Chevelles you've got to love this one. It's the Best Chevelle of the show.

The TREMEC Award goes to the best five or six speed manual transmission equipped car in the show. That would be this smooth black Nova.

Best Achievement Stock is represented by this ultra-fine bubble top '62. Would it help to know it's a "four-speed triple carbureted 409?"

Big, black and flamed is how the winner of the 4X4 Award came.

Here's a collection of Top Ten Editor's Choice Drag Car Award Winners.

We never get tired of this look at Thunder Valley, there's no place like this place.

Ironically here's a guy who's made thousands of runs down Thunder Valley and other dragstrips around the country, and hardly ever gets to see the entire track. Bob Hall and the Airborne Express can do full quarter-mile wheelstands, which means that Bob is looking out the bottom of the racecar most of the time. Visit him in the Pro Pits for a better idea of what it takes to do this.

Ken Hall, right of photo, and Rich Hanna fire off the jets and rattle some windows in the tower. Then it's off for a couple of scorching high 200 mph runs down Thunder Valley. Only seems appropriate doesn't it?

Lots of imagination and work went into making a '57 GMC into a crew cab, smooth sided semi-Cameo with '57 Chevy trim. Lots of other touches went into making this great pickup.

Dad and baby found a nice spot to watch the races from up on the hill.

This is the Best Early Chevrolet Award winner, but it's also a very cool custom.

Young racers and their families proudly accept winner and runner-up awards for Jr. Dragster from Susan Gustin.

Just a bit older that the Jr. Dragster drivers, but still part of the Super Chevy youth movement, our Young Star Award Winner entered this very cool pickup in the show. Probably doesn't get many trips to the dump in this ride.

Best Interior went to this beautiful '55 Bel Air but it had a great exterior too.

Tri-5s just don't hardly get much better than this '57, which is why it took the "Best Tri-5" of the Show.

From up close or far away, this Camaro sparkles, which is why it took the "Best Detail" Award.

Don't fear, Monte Carlo fans, we didn't forget you. Here's the best Monte Carlo at Bristol. No argument on this one.

Class Winners
INTERIORJoseph Herron, Roanoke, VA, '55 Chevy
PAINTSteve Sandlin, Las Vegas, NV, '48 Chevy p/u
ENGINERalph Hardesty, Upper Marlboro, MD, '69 Camaro
OUTSTANDING STOCKBob & Dottie Wells, Elliston, VA, '62 Chevy
OUTSTANDING STREETFlip Bost, Statesville, NC, '69 Corvette
OUTSTANDING MODIFIEDSteve Sandlin, Las Vegas, NV, '57 Chevy
Featherlite Trailers "TRANSPORT" Award - Sponsored by Featherlite, Inc.Bob and Nancy Smith, Lake Havasu City, AZ, '55 Nomad
American Colorscans, Inc. "GRAPHICS" AwardRon Counts, Knob, VA, '57 p/u
ISCA AWARD OF EXCELLENCETony Leiphart, Red Lion, PA, '68 Camaro
Suzuki "OUTSTANDING 4X4" AwardChuck Cabe, Roan Mountain, TN, '02 Avalanche
OUTSTANDING STREET ROD - Presented by Street Rodder MagazineCharles & Debbie Shelton, Cloverdale, VA, '34 Chevy
OUTSTANDING CLASSIC TRUCK - Presented by Classic Truck MagazineRoberts Family, Kingsport, TN, '54 Chevy p/u
OUTSTANDING CUSTOM ROD - Presented by Custom Rodder MagazineDean Pickton, Elizabethtown, TN, '48 Chevy
DETAIL - Sponsored by Racing Communications, Inc.Terry Hansand, Cumming, GA, '67 Camaro
WORKMANSHIP - Sponsored by Waterloo Industries, Inc.Steve Sandlin, Las Vegas, NV, '04 G T O
TREMEC Transmission "Trick Stick" AwardDoug & Penny Nichols, '67 Nova
AUTOZONE SUPER CHEVY SHOW "YOUNG STAR" AWARDBrody Justice, Phyllis, KY, '91 Chevy p/u
Terry Anderson, Knoxville, TN, '67 NovaBill & Judy Martz, Statesville, NC, '67 Nova
Eddie Vannoy, Jefferson, NC, '57 ChevyLarry Putnam, Morgantown, NC, '55 Chevy
W.D. McGalliard, Roanoke, VA, '63 NovaDavid Melton, Van Buren, OH, '67 Chevelle
Charles Townsend, Knoxville, TN, '70 CamaroSteve & Bev West, Normal, IL, '72 Chevelle
Tim Underwood, Mt. Lookout, WV, '57 ChevyCarroll Leon Rhodes, Hendersonville, NC, '64 Malibu
Rick Buckles, Piney Flats,TN, '83 ChevelleRoger Robertson, Blowing Rock, NC, '67 Camaro
Tim Kinser, Reedcsville, WV, '50 AngliaBrian Lyle, Waynesville, NC, '69 Camaro
Robbie Copenhaver, Wytheville, VA, '71 ChevelleL.C. Clevins, Rural Retreat, VA, '69 Camaro
Roger Akers, Max Meadows, VA, '71 ChevelleHerb, JoAnn & Laura Bailey, Hurt, VA, '80 Malibu
Tony Caraccia, Ashville, NC, Jr. DragsterMickey Atkins, Newport, TN, '67 Nova


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