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Great Start For A Great New Season

Traction, straight-line runs, and lots of 'em. That's what the drag racers saw all weekend at the great quarter-mile in Bradenton, Florida. We started off our 2004 Super Chevy Show Season where the sky was blue and the Chevys bright (any color is fine with us). After a long winter layoff we would not have been surprised to find some of the Pro Show contenders having to stumble and falter a bit, before getting back to form, but the Nitro Coupes were running 6.20's and going straight down the track, right off the trailer! Maybe it was the teams and their high state of preparation, and maybe it was the well-regarded Bradenton track. It didn't matter to us, as we were thrilled with the racing. As the Pro Show goes, so do the Brackets. There are some serious racers in the Southeast, and lots of them came to Florida for an opportunity to shake off the winter cobwebs. From what we saw, they did.

Over at the car show area the only problem we had all weekend is not leaving enough room. The greatest Chevys in the South kept rolling in, and we kept finding new places to park them. We're glad to be back in Brandenton, as it gave us the chance to see cars we haven't looked at before. Check out the photos; we're sure you will agree.

Editors Choice - Drag Race - Top Ten
Paul Joester Clearwater, FL 1957 CorvetteMike Kreeb Tarpon Springs, FL 1956 Corvette
Camron Reigelsqerger Sarasota, FL Junior DragsterPaul D. Mauro Cape Coral, FL 1967 Nova
Mark Mullen Bradenton, FL 1966 ChevelleTerry Stewart Tampa, FL 1960 Dragster
Daryl Kirkland Venice, FL 1987 GMC SonomaBilly Belcher Dadeville, AL 1972 El Camino
Geoff George Cape Coral, FL 1968 CamaroBrian Harrison Ortonville, RI 1963 Corvette
Editors Choice - Car Show -- Top Ten
Allan Marshall Tampa, FL 1971 CamaroBruce Eckstein Heathrow, FL 1969 Camaro
Walt Kitley Lehigh, FL 1969 ChevelleGlenn Bennet Valrico, FL 1956 Chevrolet
Russ Sobczak Fort Pierce, FL 1961 CorvetteBrian Moss St. Cloud, FL 1965 Nova
Chris Ciccarone Port Charlette, FL 1955 ChevroletWayne Steele Bradenton, FL 1955 Corvette
Ken Brady St. Petersburg, FL 1959 ImpalaJim Alton Sun City Center, FL 1935 Chevrolet
InteriorRon Menda Sarasota, FL 1947 Chevrolet Sedan
PaintDebra Bachschmidt Inglis, FL 1969 Camaro
EngineRich Gregorski Largo, FL 1941 Willy's
Detail Sponsored by Racing CommunicationsBill Hearne Valrieo, FL 1957 Chevrolet
Workmanship Sponsored by Waterloo IndustriesKyle & John Larocque Lehigh Acres, FL 2001 Chevrolet Pick U
Achievement - StockRick Treworthy Punta Gorda, FL 1958 Impala
Achievement - StreetDavid Stasa Nokomis, FL 1970 Chevelle
Achievement - ModifiedGiulio Breviaro Hudson, FL 1967 Nova
Fetherlite Trailers Transport AwardGlen Pieschre Estoro, FL 1969 Camaro
American Colorscans, Inc. Graphics AwardTed Johnson Sarasota, FL 1968 Camaro
ISCA Award of ExcellenceRonnie Staples Bradenton, FL 1950 Chevrolet
Suzuki Outstanding 4 X 4 AwardBruce Mathews Haines City, FL 1972 Chevrolet Pick U
Street Rodder Magazine Outstanding Street RodJerry & Connie Paul Fort Meyers, FL 1934 Cabriolet
Classic Truck Magazine Outstanding Classic Truck AwardDarren Care Sarasota, FL 1939 Chevrolet Pick U
Big Car Stock Class 1949 to 1954Jose Vega Gainesville, FL 1952 Chevrolet
Big Car Modified Class 1949 to 1954 Ronnie Staples Bradenton, FL 1950 Chevrolet
Big Car Stock Class 1958 to 1989 WinnerRick Treworgy Punta Gorda, FL 1958 Chevrolet
Big Car Street Class 1958 to 1989 WinnerRonald Laramee Punta Gorda, FL 1960 Chevrolet
Big Car Modified 1958 to 1989 WinnerBrent Casteel Lizella, GA 1965 Chevrolet
Big Car Stock Class 1990 to 1996 WinnerRon & Vera Klenovic Seffner, FL 1996 Chevrolet
Big Car Street Class 1990 to 1996 WinnerRob Cornelius Lakeland, FL 1996 Chevrolet
Big Car Modified Class 1990 to 1996 WinnerKenny Kanniff Holiday, FL 1995 Chevrolet
Chevelle 1964 to 1967 Stock WinnerDave Kukula Inglewood, FL 1965 Chevelle
Chevelle 1964 to 1967 Modified WinnerTim Childas Cummings, GA 1967 Chevelle
Chevelle 1968 and Newer Stock WinnerEd Bellflower Oak City, NC 1970 Chevelle
Chevelle 1968 and Newer Street WinnerDaniel Ruggles Tampa, FL 1968 Chevelle
Chevelle 1968 and Newer Modified WinnerChet Ragsdale Landolakes, FL 1970 Chevelle
1955 to 1957 Chevrolet Stock WinnerRickTrueworgy Punta Gorda, FL 1957 Chevrolet
1955 to 1957 Chevrolet Street WinnerLarry Hays Cape Coral, FL 1955 Chevrolet
1955 Chevrolet Modified WinnerBruce Williams Fort Lauderdale, FL 1955 Chevrolet
1956 and 1957 Chevrolet Modified WinnerRichard Green Chicago, 1957 Chevrolet
Early Chevrolet 1935 and Earlier Modified WinnerJim Acton Sun City Center 1935 Chevrolet
Early Chevrolet 1936 to 1948 Earlier Modified WinnerRon Menda Sarasota, FL 1947 Chevrolet
Conversion 1948 and Earlier Modified WinnerRich Gregory Largo, FL 1941 Willy's
Truck 1949 to 1972 Street WinnerTerry Kelly Venice, FL 1965 Chevrolet
Truck 1949 to 1972 Modified WinnerJim Ferrara Bradenton, FL 1957 Chevrolet
Pick Up 1988 and Newer Stock WinnerDoug Depew Bradenton, FL 1993 Chevrolet
Pick Up 1988 and Newer Modified WinnerGary Barnes South Daytona, FL 1994 Chevrolet
4 X 4 Stock WinnerBruce Mathews Haines City, FL 1972 Chevrolet
Pro Engineered WinnerGiulo Breviario Hudson, FL 1967 Chevrolet
Pro Street WinnerBob Prathen Longwood, Fl 1970 Chevrolet
Nova 1962 to 1967 Stock WinnerRose & Peter Campbell, Newport Richey, FL 1967 Nova
Nova 1962 to 1967 Street WinnerW.J. Spencer Bushnell, FL 1967 Nova
Nova 1962 to 1967 Modified WinnerBrian Moss St. Cloud, FL 1965 Nova
Nova 1968 and Newer Stock WinnerLanny Weatherford Anderson, TN 1970 Nova
Nova 1968 and Newer Modified WinnerDean Morse Palmetto, FL 1973 Nova
Monte Carlo Stock WinnerLamar Johnson Lithonia, GA 1970 Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo Street WinnerTony DeManzo Springhill, FL 2002 Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo Modified WinnerLonnie Soyssy Orlando, FL 1984 Monte Carlo
El Camino Stock WinnerRay Bernard Bellair Beach, FL 1969 El Camino
El Camino Modified WinnerJoe Canestrado Cape Coral, FL 1970 El Camino
Corvette 1953-1967 Stock WinnerGerald Copeland Tifton, GA 1967 Corvette
Corvette 1953-1967 Street WinnerBruce Perreault Windermere, FL 1962 Corvette
Corvette 1953-1967 Modified WinnerRick Bushbom Valrico, FL 1967 Corvette
Corvette 1968-1982 Street WinnerTom Carrick St. Petersburg, FL 1977 Corvette
Corvette 1968-1982 Modified WinnerMike Arotsky Cape Coral, FL 1977 Corvette
Corvette 1984 and Newer Stock WinnerCarol Swearingen Myakka City, FL 1993 Corvette
Corvette 1984 and Newer Street WinnerCarol Swearingen Myakka City, FL 2002 Corvette
Corvette 1984 and Newer Modified WinnerJim Marino Palm Beach Gardens, 1992 Corvette
Camaro 1967-1969 Modified WinnerRusty Preston Fort Lauderdale, FL 1969 Camaro
Camaro 1967-1969 Stock WinnerBruce Eckstein Heathnow, FL 1969 Camaro
Camaro 1967-1968 Street WinnerChuck Woosley Sarasota, FL 1968 Camaro
Camaro 1969 Street WinnerGlen Preschke Estero, FL 1969 Camaro
Camaro 1967-1969 Gold Stock WinnerChristopher Norell Cummings, GA 1967 Camaro
Camaro 1967-1969 Gold Street WinnerGary Trahan Houma, LA 1969 Camaro
Camaro 1970-1981 Modified WinnerJeff Foston Trinity, FL 1970(1/2) Camaro
Camaro 1982-1992 Stock WinnerTom Alexander Lakeland, FL 1991 Camaro
Camaro 1982-1992 Street WinnerMark Woodhouse Largo, FL 1992 Camaro
Camaro 1982-1992 Modified WinnerSue Williams Port Charlotte, FL 1989 Camaro
Camaro 1993 and Newer Stock WinnerMilan Vujanich Seffner, FL 2002 Camaro
Camaro 1993 and Newer Street WinnerKirk DeVore Port Charlotte, FL 1997 Camaro
Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels Nitro Coupe Challenge Points Standings
1 Randy Adler Tinley Park, IL 1957 Chevrolet AJ 526 35 2 Gary Irving Bolton, ON 1937 Chevrolet Chev 526 25
3 Mark Swinarski Hamburg, NY 1957 Chevrolet Oddy 526 15 4 Tommy Howes Laytonsville, MD 1992 Camaro ARIAS 526 15
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