Sunshine Super Chevy

Great Start For A Great New Season

Tony Kelly Mar 22, 2004 0 Comment(s)

Traction, straight-line runs, and lots of 'em. That's what the drag racers saw all weekend at the great quarter-mile in Bradenton, Florida. We started off our 2004 Super Chevy Show Season where the sky was blue and the Chevys bright (any color is fine with us). After a long winter layoff we would not have been surprised to find some of the Pro Show contenders having to stumble and falter a bit, before getting back to form, but the Nitro Coupes were running 6.20's and going straight down the track, right off the trailer! Maybe it was the teams and their high state of preparation, and maybe it was the well-regarded Bradenton track. It didn't matter to us, as we were thrilled with the racing. As the Pro Show goes, so do the Brackets. There are some serious racers in the Southeast, and lots of them came to Florida for an opportunity to shake off the winter cobwebs. From what we saw, they did.

Over at the car show area the only problem we had all weekend is not leaving enough room. The greatest Chevys in the South kept rolling in, and we kept finding new places to park them. We're glad to be back in Brandenton, as it gave us the chance to see cars we haven't looked at before. Check out the photos; we're sure you will agree.




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