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Good To Be Home

At Least for a While

Tony Kelly Jun 21, 2004

We call the Pomona dragstrip home, for some of us that's because it's about the only real dragstrip left in the LA area. Actually, we used to have some of the greatest and most famous names in drag racing within about a 30 mile area, names such as Lions, Orange County, Irwindale, Fontana, San Gabriel, San Fernando, and the grand-daddy of them all, Santa Ana. Now we are restricted to a handful of events at the track built on the edge of the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds: Pomona. And we're lucky to have that. Every time some developer puts in new houses anywhere within 20 miles of a race track or dairy farm it takes about a year for the people who move in to complain about noise or smell. They must sell these houses on week nights when the wind is blowing out if we're to believe the homeowners who say they didn't know what was nearby. That's why dragstrips go away.

Okay, enough venting. Pomona is still a premier event on the Super Chevy Calendar and we draw folks from all over California, Arizona, and Nevada. Just check out some of the cars that were there.


LAPD's Tony Foti rolls in to the water just before lighting up for one of his flashy runs on the Pomona quarter. Too bad he stays so busy chasing the bad guys since we'd like to see him at many more Super Chevy Shows.

G. Paul Powell brought his stunning '54 Corvette from nearby Upland, CA, and was hands down for the Gold Class Corvette award.

Dave McClelland, left of photo, and Roger Gustin at right represent two ends of the Super Chevy Show story. Dave originated the event in the early 80s at OCIR and Roger, together with wife Susan (who adds the beauty to this photo) has "kept the faith" taking the Super Chevy Shows into their 24th season. Thanks for the memories!

When we set up to take feature photos of great Chevys for our selection of great magazines, it can take a while. Sometimes the people who bring the cars out get bored so we encourage them to do a little close (but not too close) order drill. Can't let the natives get too restless while we're waiting for that "just right" light.

We don't have to look too long at this photo to guess that it's the Simpson Best Appearing Crew award given to Tricia Faye and her crew from Riverside, CA, in the Alternative Edge Custom Curb Jr. Dragster. From the team name we're guessing that someone with the checkbook pours concrete. If their work looks as good as this team, sign us up!

Reggie Tibbets came all the way from Albuquerque, NM, to look under the hood of this Camaro. Actually he looked under the hoods of many Camaros. Super Chevy car show judges come from all over the USA to pick out the "cream of the crop"; a tough job but somebody has to do it.

Why are they treating a legendary car such as Project X like this? Well, it is an old car and sometimes parts wear out. In this case it was a hood hinge and a measure of carefully applied force was called for to get the hood lined up enough to close. It worked fine on the Sunday of the Pomona show but the day after we suffered a bit of damage when the latch let go and that classic '57 hood flipped up! Luckily no injuries to anyone in the car but we're looking for a new hood. That's what happens when you mess around with cars that are 47!


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