They Were Ready For Sunshine In Virginia . . .

And Super Chevy, Too!

Tony Kelly Dec 9, 2003 0 Comment(s)

These people were ready to get out of the house! Hurricane Isabel blew in and blew out houses, trees, power lines, beaches, and the affects lingered for weeks. People were still looking for beach sand in North Carolina when Super Chevy blew in to town. We didn't stay as long as Isabel, but we made a better impression (not bigger, just better).

As always, the fans in Virginia absolutely packed the joint! It's hard to find a seat in the stands for Saturday's Pro Show and you'd better grab what you want when you first see it on Manufacturer's Midway; Richmond people are serious shoppers. Then there's the car show that's loaded with entries from all over the eastern seaboard, sometimes as far away as New York.


Tommy Howes and Bruce Boland accomplished a clean start here. Boland advanced, only to lose to Dan Nickelson.

Tim Harper's '55 Chevy is featured as and Editor's Choice Drag Car but we also wanted you to catch a peek at what propels the Colonial Height's VA race car. A blown big-block with some serious machine work hides inside this all-steel performer.

The Nitro Coupes were cranking out low six-second times with consistency. We had a couple of runs with cars all over the track. Unfortunately, a crash bent up Chuck Ragusa's beautiful '55, but left him intact. For the complete story, pick up the May issue of Super Chevy Magazine and catch all the action shots and full details.



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