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An Angel That Flies To Montgomery

It Was Actually The Super Chevy Show, But We Did Fly

Tony Kelly Nov 25, 2003

We thought of that old song that says, "Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery" as we rolled into Alabama from Houston, and began to enjoy the great weather and people. Of course, our version is that we're going "to," not "from" Montgomery, and why not? We are always treated right when visiting this beautiful city in the heart of the south, and the Chevy fans bring out their latest and greatest new rides and racers.

The bracket racing folks absolutely packed the joint this year, with a couple of teams setting up their pits at the extreme "big end" of the track. Show cars were outstanding, as well, with Camaros leading the way. We'll have a few of them to show you as feature cars, in the months to come. Proving that if you ask a question you should be prepared for the answer, we caught up with Randy and Jennifer Caldwell of Tullahoma, TN, after first meeting them at Indy this year. They own a very nice '69 Camaro, and Randy had asked Editor Terry Cole and the author about our impressions of their "pride and joy" while at Indianapolis.

Our first response in such situations is to advise the owner that what we tell him might upset him, but we would give our honest opinion (if he wanted it). Since the car was about 99 percent of the way to being "feature car" quality, Randy wanted to hear what we thought. We told him, Randy accepted it, and when the car showed up at Montgomery it had been changed to incorporate what we talked about. We did, in fact, take photos for a possible feature. Of course, that doesn't always happen, and it's no guarantee of a car being considered as a feature, but it does say that car owners and builders need to keep an open mind.


Any question about the traction? Dale Poole put his '70 Corvette on the bumper! Image courtesy Showcase Photo.

Covan's Classic Automotive Specialties dashes are showing up all over the Super Chevy Show circuit.

Is it copper? Gold? Or another color? Great paint on Troy Broadston's '96 Camaro from Prattville, AL.

We couldn't pass this up. He might not have been a car guy, but he did "Walk the Line."

Underneath it's box stock with a great big six-cylinder motor, floor shift with a "granny" gear, and rock-hard suspension.

Alabama weather brings out the best Chevy fans.

Henry Higgins of Columbiana, AL, knows what a cool flame job should look like, so he laid a great one his '68 Camaro.

David Cooper of Cataula, GA, had some different ideas about paint when it came time to modify his 1991 Camaro.

These "three guys from Birmingham" said their wives don't always believe them when they say they're going to the drags, but here they are.

You can't get "steered" wrong at the Super Chevy Swap meet. If your linkage is weak, you might even want to use some chain.


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