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Cruisin' for a Cure

This 5th Annual Event Is a Real Lifesaver!

Dec 30, 2004

Did you know that each year over 220,000 men will discover they have prostate cancer? This disease alone will claim the lives of over 28,000 husbands, brothers, and loved ones--rating it as the number two killer of men. This important, but rarely discussed, fact is something I didn't know--until I hopped into my Vette and motored on down to Costa Mesa, California, for the 5th Annual Cruisin' For A Cure. This one-day car show (the largest one-day charity car show of its' kind) taught me, and several other people, all about the dangers of prostate cancer--and in some cases diagnosed it! With "PSA" tests available on-site, 775 men took the exam--46 discovering that they had a high-PSA count, and an additional six finding suspicious lumps. How's that for a lifesaver? And while all of this was going on, over 3,000 vehicles of every make and model imaginable swarmed into the area, raising a total of $207,500 for this charitable event. Team VETTE was on hand, and a good time was had by all. So, if you're free on September 25, 2004, be sure to check out this worthwhile and potentially lifesaving car show, and for more information, keep an eye on!


Need we say anything?

Jim Mullowney shows us how to save the wave in style with his '96 Grand Sport...

...while Rudy Cortino shows us a new take on the GS theme. With years of experience, Rudy knows how to make them look loud and fast without even stepping on the pedal--something Team VETTE likes.

Egg crates and sidepipes--doesn't get much better.

And if a Shark isn't your thing, how about this?

Out with the old, in with the new.

Ron and Penny Barry's '57 came to the show sporting a Rochester and attention to details that any NCRS member would enjoy.

Tony Fuentes of Irvine, CA, shows off his '96 LT4.

Yes...yes it is.

A lineup of the usual suspects looked as good as ever.


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