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Epping Super Chevy: The Second Time's A Charm (sort of)

A Great Visit With Our Friends in the Northeast

Tony Kelly Aug 26, 2003

Between Memorial Day and the end of August, we figured enough rain had fallen in New England to assure us that the postponed Epping event (from the end of May) would go off without a hitch the second time around. Not quite, but we did get the best part of two days in before we got wet, which caused the drag racing to be called, and the Nitro Coupe Finals to be postponed until the Route 66 event during the following weekend.

When we say the "best part" of two days, that goes for the great cars in Epping's refurbished show area. Our East Coast Chevy fans bring out some of the best "big cars," trucks, and street rods that we see all year. Maybe it's because the weather keeps the cars indoors and the work goes on all winter. If that's what's doing it, there's no way the Sun Belt builders have a chance against the New England shops.

Epping joins the ranks of our most beautiful venues for Super Chevy Shows. Since our last visit, the facility has had more new upgrades, with landscaping and fresh paving adding to the appeal of this place. Racing is hardcore, with cars coming from Canada and all over New England, as well as some teams from New York and New Jersey. There are no easy races at New England Dragway, and that's just the way we like it. Epping rocks!


On this run, Dan Nickelson and Tommy Howes were completing the finals from Norwalk, Ohio, which were postponed due to rain. Nickelson took the honors with a 6.31 over Tommy's 7.18. Dan also made it to the finals at Epping where he was scheduled to meet Gary Irving, but rain postponed it until Chicago.

Daddy Rick Finamore, of East Walpole, Massachusetts, makes sure that Madison Paige is safely buckled into her custom, one-off ride. It's the only Mustang we allowed on the lot!

If you're wondering what former NASCAR Champ Bobby Allison has been up to, one project he has is called NEALS, New England Allison Racing Series. Tom Abele, Jr., of Norwich, Connecticut, stopped by with his dad to show us his downscaled Monte Carlo that he's been doing quite well with this year.

A straight six with speed equipment is always an eye-catcher. Tod Ortolani's 1970 Nova is the home for this fine inline motor. Triple carbs can be a tuning nightmare, but they sure bring some sauce to the party!

This lucky racer was awarded a Drag Race Editor's Choice award in the past, but we forgot to include the photo in our coverage. Here's the photo, but this time, we lost his name on the long road home to California. We'll get it all together sometime.

Katelyn is 4-months old, but she plans to drive a Chevy in the future.

No doubt about it.

You think it has a small-block? Maybe two small-blocks (on the pedals).

Chicago has the Outlaws, New England has the Quick Eight. These cars run in the eight-second bracket, but look like grocery-getters.

The jets blew the clouds away, at least for Saturday.

Nitro Coupe regulars Bruce Boland (L) and "Big Mike" Swinarski (R) ran each other during qualifying, which helped set the ladder for Sunday.

The 250 c.i. six in JoEllen McGinnity's 1967 Camaro from Arlington, Massachusetts, represents factory power, as mild and stock as it comes . . .

. . . The other end of the spectrum is Brad Noyes' twin-turbo '99 Z-28 from Peabody, Massachusetts. Only at Super Chevy do we get to see cars like these parked side-by-side.

Joe Pacheco of Taunton, Massachussetts, has a thing for '70 Chevelles. He races the Malibu in DOT, and pulls the racer with the El Camino. What's not to like?

The Junior Dragsters were the only bracket able to complete their finals. Just after this photo, the rain washed us out.

Those New Englanders are a hearty bunch. A little cloud cover doesn't keep anybody home. Just look at the cool trucks, Vettes, and classics.


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