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Elvis in Elvis at Maple Grove

Putting Our Driver On The Track

Tony Kelly Aug 4, 2003

Ken Hall is a Jet Car driver who hotly contests for the honors of being the fastest and quickest during the Pro Show at Super Chevy Shows. His nemesis is Fran Peppler, who lines up in the other lane with her "Rock and Roll Thunder," and makes life tough on Ken, who is sometimes called "Elvis," because of his blue suede racing shoes. We often refer to Project "X" as Elvis, because of the attention it gets and the "cool factor" surrounding it.

It seemed a natural to combine the two, but we weren't sure how big of a deal it would be (for a guy who usually runs 270 mph) to take Project "X" on its maiden run down the quarter-mile (well, maiden only after its latest rebuild). That is, until we suggested it. Young Ken was like a kid at Christmas. He's definitely a guy who understands what the car is, as well as its significance in history. It's great to be a part of putting a smile on a good guy's face. Of course he handled the run in great style and we're proud of the performance numbers. All the details are in our feature, displayed in an upcoming issue of Super Chevy magazine.


Jet Car Pilot, Ken Hall, warms the tires on Project "X."

Where else would you rather be? On a bright beautiful Pennsylvania day an overflow crowd came out to Maple Grove to admire cars, watch the fastest cars in town (on the quarter-mile), and see what's new (and for sale) this season.

Almost the coolest '57 at Maple Grove, and certainly the fastest, "Big Mike" Swinarski runs his Bel Air flat out on every run. We watched amazed as a fair amount of tire shake vibrated every panel on this car for a full quarter-mile but Mike drove it hard all the way to the big end. That's a racer!

Stella and John Tomshack have brought their '63 Impala from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, to many Super Chevy Shows over the years. We lost John recently but we're happy to see Stella at the show, accepting the "Best Big Car Award" from SoffSeal, and the Autostar Partnership Award for that great Impala.

Standing (not parking) room only. The show area fills up fast on Saturday and Sunday and the judges have their hands full looking for the best of the best. At Maple Grove, there are no poor quality cars; just some are better than others.

If you were lucky, you might have found that treasured car (or action video/DVD) here. We even got our hands on a copy of "Hollywood Knights," which starred our very own Project "X" '57 Chevy.


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