The First Nitro Coupe Repeat Champion!

"Dangerous" Dan Nickelson Pulls It Off

Tony Kelly Jan 8, 2004 0 Comment(s)

Beginning 2003 with a brand-new car, Dan Nickelson tackled all the problems inherent with "sorting out" a racecar, while defending his 2002 Nitro Coupe Championship. Early on, it became apparent that Dan's C5 Corvette, beautiful as it might be, was not as ready as Nickelson was to carry the Championship flag. Riding along in third place after the Pomona Super Chevy Show in early May, Dan made the switch to the "old" racecar -- his Championship-winning Beretta from last season.


In a preview of what we'll see Dan Nickelson running next year, the team brought its C5 Corvette to Vegas, and it ran great. Ever since the car was essentially rebuilt (by fellow Nitro Racer John Scalpi), it's been much more competitive and predictable. Those are good qualities to have in a 220 mph, nitro-burning door-slammer!

The night desert sky is a great backdrop for Ken Hall's Top Secret Jet Funny Car, as he lights it up next to Mark Hanna's First Strike. The Hanna team gives us thrill after thrill on their thunderous quarter-mile runs.

Amazingly, Nickelson jumped back into the Nitro Coupe points lead in Dallas, and never looked back. It's a good thing he didn't, because two fire-breathing teams from Canada, Bruce Bolton and Gary Irving, were coming on strong. Responding to the challenge, Nickelson's team had enough to stay out front and eventually collect the $10,000 prize from Muscle Machines, along with another $5,000 from AutoStar Productions.

We don't know what to expect from the Nitro Coupes in 2004, but looking at the way teams finished up 2003, it should be really fast, really loud, and really exciting! All the action on the track, and all the beauty in the show-car grounds is displayed in Super Chevy magazine. Please keep an eye out for the full coverage in an upcoming issue.


Preston Anderson, Salina, UT, 68 CamaroRick Beaver, Grand Junction, CO, 67 Nova
Doug Bullard, Anaheim, CA, 70 Camaro John Castro, Los Angeles. CA, 69 Nova
Karen Comstock, Newark, NJ, 55 ChevyCraig Diller, El Segundo, CA, 70 Chevelle
Tim Ebbett, Lake Havasu City, AZ, 65 NovaNeisha MacKay, Sandy, UT, Jr. Dragster
Jeff Patton, Alta Loma, CA, 71 CamaroRobert Powers, Las Vegas, NV, 2001 Camaro SS



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