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Houston, We Have A Problem

It's Not Rocket Science, It's Rain

Tony Kelly Oct 16, 2003

We blew into Houston from Columbus with Project "X" covered in bugs (but running great), and a weather forecast that made us grin from ear-to-ear. It was bright and sunny, and it was expected to be that way for about eight days. Right! Late Saturday night something else blew into town; a couple of storms. But we're a hearty bunch, us Super Chevy folks, so the show went on "rain or shine." Heck, announcer Jerry Daisey just came in from his home in Virginia where he witnessed near total devastation from Hurricane Isabel, so we weren't all that bad off, by comparison.


Brave car owners stuck it out until the judging and awards were done. Good show, guys!

There are all kinds of cultural icons around Houston. We just had to stop at Gilligan's and take a photo by the SS Minnow, which was a bit down at the stern.

Here's a very pretty sight -- a row of C5s on the grass at Houston.

Of course, the drag races went bye-bye, but we still managed to find a bunch of racers in the pits during the morning who were hoping the rain would stop. To nine of those brave souls, we gave Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car awards. Even rain can't hide great cars. Yes, we know it's a Top Ten thing, but by the time we were taking the photo of car number nine, we were drowning. Enough was enough.

For the show car entrants, at least they didn't have to dust their cars continually. The frequency of the rain also kept them from having to dry them off all the time, too. The judges had already looked them over once on Saturday, so Sunday's judging meant that the raindrops were overlooked and the car's quality showed through. After the awards ceremony, we got a bit of clear weather, so most winners drove their cars through our "Winners Circle" for photos. As we say, the show must go on!


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