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2003 Super Chevy High School Tour Kicks Off

We planned on having Project X at Valencia High School, but we all know about plans. What we did have was our kickoff visit to high school shop classes that is an integral part of the 2003 Super Chevy Road Tour. Even though we were disappointed that Project X wasn't there, it was fairly plain that the car-crazy kids in Woody Greenhill's auto shop classes only cared that we came and brought cool cars. We brought Street Rodder magazine's 2000 McMullen Roadster, SUPER CHEVY Senior Editor Randy Fish's Grand National Roadster Show winning '32 Roadster, SUPER CHEVY photographer/journalist Andrew Schear's 400-plus horsepower street driven Fourth-Gen Camaro, and the coolest cop car in town, a '48 Studebaker built and piloted by Capt. Chuck Babcock (ret.) of the Placentia Police Dept. Don't get critical Chevy fans, all the hot rods are Chevy powered!

Valencia High School is about 2 miles from our Placentia, California, office and is well known for their auto shop. Our connection with the local police stems from starting a law enforcement career with them some years ago, and the fact that the police dept has a School Resource Officer, Andy Dean, on campus. It's a unique community that stresses youth involvement and certainly was appropriate for our kickoff. It didn't matter to the kids that we didn't have imports or front-wheel drive, they just asked questions and poked around everything we had to show. We even found that many of them were into old Camaros, Montes, Impalas, and El Caminos. There's hope for us yet!

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