Deep Fried What?

Atlanta Proves There Is No Limit To Fat Content

Tony Kelly Jun 25, 2003 0 Comment(s)

In between checking out the awesome Atlanta Super Chevy car corral, the swap meet that tempted me at every turn, and some of the finest Chevys in the South (either racing or on display), we kept hearing a public address announcement for what sounded like "deep-fried Oreos." Yeah, right! Obviously the golf cart rides to the pits had been too near the nitro fog. Nobody deep-fries Oreos! Wrong.

When we finally wandered over to the Manufacturer's Midway, there they were. Well, hey! They even had a sample plate to give us non-believers a try. Heck, they even had deep-fried candy bars! Snacks like those could set cholesterol medicine back 20 years.

Remember, we come from California, where the idea of a heavy-duty snack is a "double non-fat, decaffeinated latte (that's some kind of coffee drink that costs about what a pound of regular coffee costs in the supermarket). We're not telling how it tastes; you'll have to try one for yourself, if you have the courage. As usual, the hospitality, cars, and friendly folks in Atlanta were second to none, and that's why we always look forward to being there. We'll give you a peek here on the web, but make sure you see the whole show through our print coverage in Super Chevy magazine.




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