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Tucson Super Chevy Show Honors America's Best

Tony Kelly Jul 19, 2002

By any measure, it's been a tough couple of months. SUPER CHEVY returned to Tucson, Arizona, for our first show in a few years and managed to schedule it for Veterans' Day. Old Glory flew, and alongside of it waved the POW/MIA banner honoring those who haven't been accounted for, even as we send more of our military into harm's way.

There might not have been any better place than Tucson for a reminder of how great our country is and how thankful we should be to live here--clear air, sunny weather, mountains in the distance, great Chevys (Vettes and other models), and nice people. Michael Muniz, a hometown Tucson guy, told us about his '57 Bel Air. It's been in the family since 1968 and originally belonged to Mike's brother. Muniz bought it from his brother for $400 (it needed serious work) and paid $150 down with the rest to follow. Unfortunately, while Mike was away, big brother caught the car on fire. Seeing as how it needed even more serious work after that, the remaining $250 was put on hold until the car was finished. Now 30 years or so later the car is good enough to win an Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award and be photographed for a possible magazine feature. Mike, however, admits he still hasn't paid the $250, and might never. Wonder if big brother might try and re-possess it?

We were delighted to see the number of entrants from California, Texas, and even from Washington. Some of these travelers say they'll just make a week of it and stay over for the Las Vegas show next week. Nice way to go!


0205sc_tucsonvettes01_zoom 2/18
0205sc_02zoom 1967_Chevrolet_Corvette Front_Driver_Side 3/18

Here's one of the Vettes we're proud of, even if it never went overseas. Dave Sheffield of Tucson took home the Best Corvette award from Trim Parts in association with Vette magazine for this sparkling '67 convertible.

0205sc_03zoom 1962_Chevrolet_Bel_Air Front_Driver_Side 4/18

How could we pass up giving Stephanie Sundstrom of Gilbert, AZ, an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award for her "peachy pink" '62 Bel Air? Look closely and you'll see John Force's autograph inside the Bow-Tie on the fender. John doesn't get to write on too many Chevys lately, but he couldn't pass this one up either.

0205sc_04zoom 1957_Chevrolet Front_Driver_Side 5/18

Richard Verdugo, Douglas, AZ, has a big support system behind his race car. It's all steel, runs in the 10s, and used to be Richard's street ride. We gave it an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award.

0205sc_05zoom 1951_Chevrolet Front_Passenger_Side 6/18

David Marosi came all the way from Brush Prarie, WA, to show off his '51 Chevy hardtop. It's a Pro Street, but it's also a custom which is why we gave it the Outstanding Custom Rod award from Custom Rodder magazine. Marosi's car also earned the class trophy for Pro Engineered-Modified and the GREAT RIDE award from GR8RIDE.COM.

0205sc_tucsonvettes06_zoom 7/18

This dry climate keeps things from showing their age. For all we know this could be a one owner, low mileage, original car driven every day by a little old lady. What do you think?

0205sc_07zoom 1940_Ford_Pickup Rear_Passenger_Side 8/18

First you modify your truck, then you invent a word. Of course, when you're from a place called Happy Jack, AZ, as TJ Scofield is, you can do anything you want to your '40. We gave this appropriately named hauler an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award which should make the people back home even happier.

0205sc_tucsonvettes08_zoom 9/18

John Reynolds warms up his Nitro Coupe rubber on the very sticky surface of the Tucson strip and then squares off with Jim Nordhougen, who strengthened his hold on first place in the Nitro Coupe season championship with a eventual win over Dan Nickelson. With only the Las Vegas event left to contend there is a mathematical chance that Nordhougen could be unseated, but it's going to take lots of work and even more luck.

0205sc_tucsonvettes09_zoom 10/18
0205sc_10zoom 1955_Chevrolet_Nomad Front_Passenger_Side 11/18

Dave Hall rolled in with his absolutely stunning '55 Nomad, dubbed the "NewMad" in our sister magazine Popular Hot Rodding, where a recent feature showed some of the extensive customizing accomplished. The car was featured at the recent SEMA Show and was immediately inducted into Gold Class where it received the Best of Gold-Modified award and the Waterloo Industries Best Workmanship award.

0205sc_11zoom 1967_Chevrolet_Nova Front_Passenger_Side 12/18

Jeff DeMoss, Tucson, AZ, brought this ultra-clean '67 Nova powered by a straight-six. We couldn't resist and awarded the car an Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award.

0205sc_12zoom Chevrolet_Chevelles Front_View 13/18

The Classic Chevelle Club of Phoenix was well represented by Monty Waterhouse's '69, Jag Amdahl's '67, and Keith Kanak's '64. Amdahl's car won Best Achievement-Stock, Best Chevelle-Original Parts Group, and the class win for Chevelle '64-67-Stock. Waterhouse's '69 took class honors for Chevelle '68 and Newer-Street.

0205sc_13zoom 1972_Chevrolet_Malibu Front_Driver_Side 14/18

Don Macey, Peoria, AZ, has been racing this great-looking '72 Malibu for a few years and was wondering if we'd ever put it in the magazine. Well, maybe just this one time because we gave Don an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award.

0205sc_tucsonvettes14_zoom 15/18

Jessica Willard can not only light up the track with her jet dragster, but the cloud from the engine has totally obscured two trucks and a tractor parked on the sidelines. Don't worry, though, the equipment survived.

0205sc_15zoom 1959_Chevrolet_El_Camino Front_Driver_Side 16/18

Bill Chesser of Glendale, AZ, just finished his '59 El Camino with the help of Performance Suspension Components. We gave Bill an Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award and he also took home the Pro Street Truck-Modified class win.

0205sc_16zoom 1968_Chevrolet_Pickup Front_Driver_Side 17/18

Sara Saavedra, Sedona, AZ, garnered the Outstanding Classic Truck award from Classic Trucks magazine for her "just right" '68 pickup. We were happy to see Sara's truck as earlier in the year we met her in Phoenix with her dad. They had just completed his '59 Suburban, which was a prize winner at that show, and now Sara has her truck all finished. It runs in the family.

0205sc_17zoom 1940_Chevrolet Front_Passenger_Side 18/18

Street Rodder magazine's Outstanding Street Rod award went to Wayne Young's '40 Chevy from Sierra Vista, AZ.

0205sc_18zoom 1968_Chevrolet_Camaro Front_Driver_Side 19/18

If you're going to paint it black, make sure it's as straight as Teri and Dick Gard's '68 Camaro from La Mirada, CA. We gave it an Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award and the car also took honors for the class win in Camaro '67-69-Street.


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