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We Looked For Gators and Found Chevys

When In Florida, It's a Good Idea to Watch For Swamp Creatures

Tony Kelly Jul 19, 2002

Way out beyond the finish line of the drag strip there's a great-looking pond. Certainly there must be fish in it, but we didn't notice anyone fishing. That may be because of the stories about alligators hanging around looking for "bigger fish to fry," as the saying goes. We just took one trip around on our swamp-rated golf cart and left. We city guys aren't comfy thinking about long, low creatures with big teeth that aren't wearing Bow-Ties and aren't powered by small-blocks.

Once back to the relative safety of the Gainesville Super Chevy Show, we found a dashound that was definitely a reflection of its owners' taste (see photo). Then, we talked to a man who has owned his '32 Chevy coupe 43 years. That's longer than he has owned any other thing and longer than his current marriage. His wife seemed resigned to the fact that she'd probably go before the car did. Actually, it looked like both of them received considerable amounts of TLC.

While wandering through the pits of the drag area, we found one racer (name withheld at his request) who looked extremely tired. We know drag racing can take it out of you, but this was around noon, and the guy didn't look like some kid who burned the candle at both ends. He told us that he left a 6:30 a.m. wake-up call at his hotel, and when the phone rang, he jumped up, took a shower, and was headed out the door when he noticed the clock. It said 3:00 a.m. The front desk admitted to calling the wrong room, but by then our racer pal was wide-awake. He got breakfast, then went to the track to watch the sun come up. Now I remember why I carry my own alarm clock to every show.


0205sc_gainesville01_zoom 2/19
0205sc_02zoom 1962_Chevrolet_Corvette Rear_Passenger_Side 3/19

Out of a collection of great Vettes, one was selected for the Trim Parts Best Corvette award, given in association with Vette magazine. Daniel Copeland from Tifton, GA, took the honors with this outstanding '62.

0205sc_03zoom 1972_Chevrolet_Corvette Front_Driver_Side 4/19

Gene and Carolyn Keribel, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, race this spectacular '72 Corvette, and drive it regularly at home. It certainly deserved the Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award we gave it.

0205sc_04zoom 1970_Chevrolet_Nova Front_View 5/19

The '70 Nova racer belonging to Dallas Burger and Johnny Thompson, from Albany, GA, caught our attention. We gave it an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award.

0205sc_05 1958_Chevrolet_Impala Front_Passenger_Side 6/19

We see a limited number of '58 Impalas and very few with Rochester fuel-injected small-blocks. Harold Doherty from Tavares, FL, brought his bright-silver, first-year Impala, and we gave it an Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award. Those unusual wheels were purchased several years ago at a Super Chevy Show from the Sears booth when that company carried a line of custom auto parts--probably hard to find now, but they look great on this car.

0205sc_06zoom 1929_Chevrolet_Coupe Driver_Side 7/19
0205sc_07zoom Chevrolet_Dragster Rear_Passenger_Side 8/19
0205sc_08zoom Chevrolet_Tri_Five Driver_Side 9/19
0205sc_08zoom Chevrolet_Tri_Five Driver_Side 10/19
0205sc_10zoom Chevrolet_Sedan Driver_Side 11/19
0205sc_11zoom Chevrolet_Flatbed Front_Driver_Side 12/19
0205sc_gainesville12_zoom 13/19
0205sc_gainesville13_zoom 14/19
0205sc_gainesville14_zoom 15/19
0205sc_15zoom Chevrolet_Tri_Five Front_Passenger_Side 16/19
0205sc_16zoom Chevrolet_Pickup Front_Passenger_Side 17/19
0205sc_17zoom Chevrolet_Tri_Five Front_Driver_Side 18/19
0205sc_18zoom 1971_Chevrolet_Monte_Carlo Front_View_Engine 19/19
0205sc_19zoom Chevrolet_Camaro Front_Passenger_Side 20/19

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