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Steven Rupp

Steven Rupp

Editor - Super Chevy

Started at Tech Editor for Popular Hot Rodding in 2004 and moved to Camaro Performers in 2008.

Articles Steven has contributed to
Tricks to get more power from your small-block crate engine
Chevrolet Performance SP383 crate engine, nitrous combination dyno test and cam swap at Westech Performance. » Read More
Steven Rupp Jul 1, 2019
engines drivetrain
The harder you drive your Chevy the higher the reward, but the risks go up as well
Dave Wallace drives his insane 1969 Camaro hard, but going fast has risks and a crash at 140 mph roughed him, but he’ll be back, faster ... » Read More
Steven Rupp Jun 27, 2019
Pump Gas 382 Stroker Puts Out 780 hp on the Dyno
In the real world, guys run their cars on pump gas, so we build a 382 stroker LS that makes 780 hp on 91-octane. » Read More
Richard Holdener May 30, 2019
how to
Better working brakes and better looking wheels for your classic Chevy
Installing right-sized Wilwood brakes on a 1966 Chevelle with 15-inch wheels and adding a set of vintage styled 17-inch rollers. » Read More
Jim Smart May 30, 2019
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LS Swapping Everything Imaginable Shows How Popular This Engine Has Become
The 2019 Holley LS Fest shows how popular GM’s LS engine has become. Just about anything you can imagine has been LS swapped. » Read More
Steven Rupp May 30, 2019
1955 Chevy Built From All New Parts!
After having trouble finding a clean starting point for a Week To Wicked 1955 Chevy project, we build one from scratch at Real Deal Steel ... » Read More
Steven Rupp May 21, 2019
how to
Prepping our Roadster Shop Chassis for our 1971 Wagon Project
Our frame is assembled, but before the Fast Track chassis can roll under our 1971 Chevelle wagon, we need to add some performance parts. » Read More
Steven Rupp May 19, 2019
how to
2019 Holley LS Fest West Mega Gallery – Event Wrap up!
A look at the 2019 Holley LS Fest in Las Vegas Nevada. Drag racing, autocross, road course, drifting, and more are just some of the events ... » Read More
Steven Rupp May 10, 2019
Day One Action Gallery: 2019 Holley LS Fest West!
Opening day at the 2019 Holley LS Fest in Las Vegas, NV. Drag racing, autocross, road course, drifting, and more scheduled for this three ... » Read More
Steven Rupp May 7, 2019
The right artist can turn your concept into reality
When starting a big project it’s a good idea to hire and artist to turn your concept into something you can visually check out. » Read More
Steven Rupp May 2, 2019
Upgrade the power of your Gen I small-block Chevy
Small-block Chevys are everywhere, and with the right parts it’s easy to get 350-400 hp out of them. We pick the right parts and hit the ... » Read More
Steven Rupp May 2, 2019
how to
Fitting a Modern, High-Performance Drivetrain in Your Early Chevy Nova
Our 1963 Chevy II/Nova project gets its new Schwartz chassis and we massage the sheetmetal to fit the new drivetrain. » Read More
Steven Rupp Apr 29, 2019
chassis suspension
Detroit Speed’s newest 1969 Corvette project has to be seen to be believed!
This 1969 Corvette being built at Detroit Speed is a project that has to be seen to be appreciated. Built to compete it still keeps its ... » Read More
Steven Rupp Apr 28, 2019
Boosted Stroker Shafiroff LS3 Makes 983 HP
Our big wagon needed big power so we combined a stroked Shafiroff LS3 mill with a ProCharger supercharger and made 983 hp. » Read More
Steven Rupp Mar 30, 2019
engines drivetrain
Our power-adder-ready ATK short-block gets a big hit of nitrous on the dyno
We put our power-adder-ready ATK crate short-block to the test with a 200hp shot of nitrous on a dyno. » Read More
Richard Holdener Mar 29, 2019
engines drivetrain

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