Super Chevy Contributors

Nick Licata

Brand Manager - Camaro Performers
Nick Licata has been editor of Camaro Performers magazine since 2007. Catch me at a road course, autocross, or drag strip. I like fast cars, loud music, and pool skating.

Scott Ross

Scott joined Source Interlink Media in July, 2007 after 9+ years as contributor, Managing Editor and Senior Editor of DRIVE! Magazine during its 1998-2006 heyday in Northern California. His focus at VETTE and Mopar Muscle...

Scott Parker

Scott is a proud graduate of Rutgers University, and realized his dream of working for a car magazine when he joined the staff of GM High-Tech Performance in 2004. Though he began his car hobby with a Mustang GT and various...

Steven Rupp

Brand Manager - Vette
Started at Tech Editor for Popular Hot Rodding in 2004 and moved to Camaro Performers in 2008.

Calin Head

After High School Calin enlisted in the Army where he served for 4 years as a generator mechanic. At the end of his enlistment he went to work for his father’s custom interior shop. After 7 years of being a trimmer an...

D.J. Randall

Freelance Writer
At an early age D.J. grew up at the racetrack, watching his father compete in various series across the United States. When he was old enough to attend racing school, D.J. enrolled in Skip Barber Racing School, Panoz Racing...

Henry De Los Santos

Brand Manager - Chevy Hi-Performance
Henry De Los Santos is the Editor of Chevy High Performance. During his senior year at the University of California San Diego, he decided to give freelancing a try and found a whole new passion being ignited; Henry’s...

Rick Seitz

Brand Manager - GM High Tech
Being infatuated with cars since he was a toddler, GM High-Tech Performance Editor and Brand Manager, Rick Seitz, has a true love and passion for late-model GM vehicles. When he isn’t tuning, testing, or competing with the...

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