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Late Model Budget Products - Give It To Me Cheap!

Budget Mods For Late Models

By Dakota Wentz

SLP Intake Kit
Sometimes it's nice to just get outside and catch some fresh air, and the same thing goes for Chevy. The more cold fresh air, the more horsepower. SLP's (732/349-2109, intake kit replaces the restrictive, power robbing factory air cleaner assembly. By picking up cool outside air these systems make up to 20 additional hp.

MSD Ignition
Any LT1 owner knows that the GM Optispark ignition is straight up crap, there's really nothing you can even say positive about it. For that reason MSD (951/857-5200, developed a performance distributor to replace the GM LT-1 Optispark. It's machined from an entire billet block of aluminum down into a precise housing that fits in place of the factory piece. Then it's filled with a reliable new pickup assembly, a trick timing adjustment mechanism and an all-new MSD distributor cap. The pickup is an advanced optical encoder, a different style of optical pickup than the OEM. Once installed, you have the ability to adjust the ignition timing-the only distributor that offers timing adjustability. An adjustment screw allows the timing to be tweaked up to +/-5 degrees. The distributor is equipped with a fresh air vent and has an extra-thick mounting surface for the cap to eliminate leaks.

Holley Stealth Ram Intake Manifold
For those L98 owners looking to make some power, odds are many will ditch the TPI setup and go with a conventional setup, such as the Holley (270/782-2900, Stealth Ram intake manifold The Stealth Ram intake manifolds from Holley are designed to increase mid-range torque along with high-rpm power up and above 6,000.


SLP's TPI Intake Runners
If there's one stigma surrounding the L98 Tuned Port Injection engine is the fact it falls flat past 5,000 rpm. For those users who don't plan on ditching the TPI setup SLP (732/349-2109, has developed their high-flow cast-aluminum intake runners. The runners are designed for optimum runner volume and divider lengths to maximize airflow, and produce up to 20 additional hp over the stock runners. They are cast from OE-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum- and precision-machined for a perfect fit. The runners are an easy bolt-on upgrade for the 5.0L or 5.7L engine in '85-'88.

Nitrous Works Kit
When it comes to bang-for-your-buck power, nitrous ranks right at the top of the list, plus it's cool to hit a little "Go" button! Nitrous Works (706/864-8544, has a system for the TPI motors. The system is a single-stage, adjustable kit designed as a direct bolt-on installation. Its freeze-free plate design is compatible with OEM engine components and does not require an additional fuel pressure regulator or upgrade. This kit will deliver 50-125 hp instantly to '85-'92 5.0- and 5.7-liter engines. Other companies to look into are ZEX and NOS.

Hooker Headers
I love my Hooker headers! You can't talk about budget engine mods and not bring up headers, so here they are. One of the most time-tested ways to turn up the hp is to install full-length heders, especially where permitted. If you can get away with running full-length headers, such as Hookers (270/781-9741, Super Comp headers by all means do it! Besides the seat-of-the-pants thrill, they sound cool, as well. To get even better results go with an entire exhaust system. Check out companies like Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Stainless Works, and DynoMax.

By Dakota Wentz
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