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1955 Chevy 210 Two-Door Sedan - Bad , Blown, And Baked

Tony Kelly Jan 1, 2003
Sucp_0301_01_z 1955_chevy_210_two_door_sedan Rear_three_quarter_view 2/2
Sucp_0301_01_s 1955_chevy_210_two_door_sedan Rear_three_quarter_view 3/2

Seeing that this car has flames (look closely because they're very subtle) and that owners Jim and Dyonne Pricco are bakery owners from Covina, California, we don't feel as though we're venturing too far into make-believe by calling this remarkable '55 "baked." Its look is hot, its engine is hot, and the bright California summer sun reflecting off of its PPG-coated exterior is definitely hot. As with many of us, Jim built this machine in loving memory of the '55 he drove to high school. Of course, this time it was done with much more attention to detail and certainly to a much higher level than the high school ride.

The car came into the Pricco's life with the help of a friend who is a car collector. It was rust-free, nosed, and decked, and much of the chrome was shaved. Of course, it soon received the "frame-off' treatment, together with Pro-Street modifications from Victory Racing. Even though it has a punched-out 427 block, now displacing 440 ci, and a 6-71 blower, Joe already has plans for a 468ci 800-plus-hp powerplant very soon-definitely "bad."

TECH SPECS Owner Jim and Dyonne Pricco, Covina, CA
Vehicle '55 Chevy 210 two-door sedan
Engine '68 Chevy four-bolt main 427 ci bored to 440 ci; J&E pistons; Speed Pro
rings and bearings; B&B piston pins; 9:1 comp ratio; Milodon oil pan and
windage tray; Crane flat-tappet cam; .610 intake lift, .630 exhaust,
duration 288 degrees intake, 296 degrees exhaust; Chevy square-port
heads; Manley valves, 2.19 intake, 1.88 exhaust; Crane valvesprings and
1.7 rocker arms, built by Van Gordon Racing, Upland, CA; Holley carb;
Mike Kuhl 6-71 blower (9 lbs boost) and manifold; K&N Filter; Smiley
Headers, 3" Flowmaster mufflers; MSD 6A ignition; Autolight plugs
Transmission Turbo 400, Hurst shifter, Hughes flywheel, and 4,000-rpm stall converter
Rear End Currie 9" limited-slip with 4.11:1 gear ratio
Front Moroso front springs, urethane bushings, dropped spindles,
  Willwood disc brakes
Rear Pro-Street back half, Alden coilovers, Lamb springs, ladder bars
Wheels American Torque Thrusts
Tires MT rear, Kelly front
Body Larry Baretta Auto Body
Color PPG Black with clearcoat, ghost flames
Painter Billy B., Kustom Kolors, Upland, CA
Interior Gray leather by Collins Custom Upholstery, Upland, CA

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